Wednesday, May 28, 2008

167 / Monday, May 26

Okay, I don't know why I am in a blogging slump. Don't feel like there is much to report. However, I find that I only feel like I've got nothing to journal because I am not looking hard enough. There is ALWAYS something to blog about. And now that I've started a few things come to mind:

Sofia has started solids. She is five and a half months old and "they" suggest starting them at 6 months so here we go. I think that I've tried to feed her rice cereal (the recommended first food) about 4 times now. Three times with the Heinz brand (formerly known as "Pablum") and it went kinda well the first time. The next two times were met with shut lips and trying to ease out of the Bumbo. Tough. It did go a little better when I had mixed in breastmilk instead of just water. I bought another brand, "Milupa" for her last night, and tried it on her this morning and it went A LOT better. Not sure if it was the brand or if my mother's constant distraction with songs and images on the cellphone did it. Anyhow, I am told to just keep trying. It's just SO messy.

My father
My father is a great cook, as is my mother. However, since I got married and started cooking and trying out new recipes on my parents he has become deeply dissatisfied with his own cooking. Mind you, he's been cooking with pretty much the same four basic seasonings/ingredients his whole life: light soya sauce, dark soya sauce, garlic, and sugar. Okay, fine, two of those are the same thing. So, three. Anyhow, my sisters and I have been bugging him that if he's tired of his cooking he should try out some recipes. But every time he does, he modifies the recipe so much it ends up with soya sauce in it whether it be Chinese or Greek. And he wonders why his cooking STILL tastes the same! All changed this past Saturday. He finally opens the Webber Grilling recipe book Margaret bought him last year and decides to make a Pork Tenderloin recipe. I made him promise not to add soya sauce. He did good. He had every single ingredient right down to the kosher salt and white wine vinegar. The dish was amazing. He was so excited he made ANOTHER recipe the next day. But what he is afraid of now is, "Using a recipe book will make me lose my talent." Holy drama!

My birthday is on Friday. I'm kinda excited. It's my first birthday as a mother. I'm not sure how that will be different, other than the night ends at 8pm, but I'm still excited. I guess 'cause it's just a nice point in my life.


  1. oh friend you make me laugh.
    I'm not sure how that will be different, other than the night ends at 8pm.
    you can do allot of living by 8pm. happy birthday early.

  2. Hey, Kathy! I love reading your blogs... They make me laugh... and remember... and then laugh again!

    Liesl loved milupa... it's the only stuff we used... and she took to it right away! So, I think you're on the right track. I gave Liesl the barley as it's got a little fiber in it.

    Keep blogging my friend... I wish I had when Liesl was younger... I guess it's still never too late to start!

  3. Anonymous31/5/08 20:44

    My parents gave me milupa. My dad likes the call me milupa milumi - it's supposed to remind me of the trouble I put him through. I think it was hard to get back then so I never hear the end of it. I'm glad Sophia seems to like it.
    Happy belated Birthday Kathy
    peace out

  4. Hey Kathy - let me know when Sofia can start eating pasta.

    I've got some recipes of my own :-)


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