Oh yeah, I'm not ONLY a mom

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Today was a gooood day.
I think that I forgot how nice it is to hang out with other people. (Yeah, yeah - DUH.) It's just when your mind is constantly pre-occupied with your newborn baby, you sorta just get into an attention rut. You almost forget that you had friends or did something else other than just breastfed and changed diapers. Of course, I LOVE my new life now as a mother, but I think that I could use some balancing out once in a while. I'd probably even enjoy being a mother EVEN MORE.

So, today, while Gonz watched Sofia, I went to church to help Matt lead worship. That was great (oh, Matt, Gonz forgot to tell you that you did a great job tonight). I hadn't been back to play piano and sing in at least 4 months. I was afraid I forgot how to do everything. Anyhow, it was fine. Afterwards, Margaret and Matt came to have dinner. We had the stew that I made in the afternoon. Stew is a great, great meal. So easy and still yummy. Tastes like it was way more work than it was. And while Gonz made Miis for all the members of U2 Matt made milkshakes for dessert. I had a banana raspberry milkshake. I could have one every day. But then I'd be 400 pounds FOR SURE - that is, if my heart didn't give out first.

The evening ended with Bono playing Batman at Wii Tennis - and both characters were played by Matt. You can only imagine how funny that looked. Oh, and Batman looked more like Gladson than Batman.

Tomorrow... more fun. We're going to Matt and Dave's party. Hey Matt - three days in a row. This is craaaaaaaazy.


  1. PARTAY!!!!

    go spicy-food-loving-batman!

  2. My favorite part: "Oh, and Batman looked more like Gladson than Batman." That made me laugh :)

  3. * oh all i ever do is breastfeed and change diapers. *
    I read words like this and i say what the hell was i thinking. i am in so much trouble. every one keeps saying your lives are so going to change an walks off laughing, my stomach drops.


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