Make a book?

Friday, May 09, 2008

Flickr has a partner called, "Blurb". See site here.

I saw it about two weeks ago and have gotten seriously inspired to make a book. But about what? I thought about perhaps making some of my blogs into a book, especially over the last year. Like, a family yearbook. Something like that. I could incorporate some of my personal journals into it too. I've got TONS of material to work with.

Anyway, another project to think about.

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  1. i can most definitely recommend a blurb book for a photo essay, the quality isn't quite on par with actual photo paper, and there is occasionally a small amount of bleeding in an odd image, but overall i was satisfied with it for the price, especially considering you can basically have a book full of 8x10s for a fraction of the price! it is really nice, i'm looking forward to making another one after we take a trip to alberta in july. don't debate, get to your book, i want to see it in october! later!


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