Wednesday, May 28, 2008

167 / Monday, May 26

Okay, I don't know why I am in a blogging slump. Don't feel like there is much to report. However, I find that I only feel like I've got nothing to journal because I am not looking hard enough. There is ALWAYS something to blog about. And now that I've started a few things come to mind:

Sofia has started solids. She is five and a half months old and "they" suggest starting them at 6 months so here we go. I think that I've tried to feed her rice cereal (the recommended first food) about 4 times now. Three times with the Heinz brand (formerly known as "Pablum") and it went kinda well the first time. The next two times were met with shut lips and trying to ease out of the Bumbo. Tough. It did go a little better when I had mixed in breastmilk instead of just water. I bought another brand, "Milupa" for her last night, and tried it on her this morning and it went A LOT better. Not sure if it was the brand or if my mother's constant distraction with songs and images on the cellphone did it. Anyhow, I am told to just keep trying. It's just SO messy.

My father
My father is a great cook, as is my mother. However, since I got married and started cooking and trying out new recipes on my parents he has become deeply dissatisfied with his own cooking. Mind you, he's been cooking with pretty much the same four basic seasonings/ingredients his whole life: light soya sauce, dark soya sauce, garlic, and sugar. Okay, fine, two of those are the same thing. So, three. Anyhow, my sisters and I have been bugging him that if he's tired of his cooking he should try out some recipes. But every time he does, he modifies the recipe so much it ends up with soya sauce in it whether it be Chinese or Greek. And he wonders why his cooking STILL tastes the same! All changed this past Saturday. He finally opens the Webber Grilling recipe book Margaret bought him last year and decides to make a Pork Tenderloin recipe. I made him promise not to add soya sauce. He did good. He had every single ingredient right down to the kosher salt and white wine vinegar. The dish was amazing. He was so excited he made ANOTHER recipe the next day. But what he is afraid of now is, "Using a recipe book will make me lose my talent." Holy drama!

My birthday is on Friday. I'm kinda excited. It's my first birthday as a mother. I'm not sure how that will be different, other than the night ends at 8pm, but I'm still excited. I guess 'cause it's just a nice point in my life.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Today, I received a phone call to do a survey. Did I do it? YES I DID, BECAUSE it was for the reasons why I left Bell Sympatico's High Speed Internet Service. Oh HOW I HATE Sympatico and here was my chance to let them know it. At one point, the sweet girl on the phone presented me a series of incentives to re-subscribe to Sympatico, and all of which I answered, "Definitely Not" and finally asked me what it would take to re-subscribe.

I answered, "You'd have to pay me to subscribe."
She entered it, and I am happy.

Oh yeah, I'm not ONLY a mom

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Today was a gooood day.
I think that I forgot how nice it is to hang out with other people. (Yeah, yeah - DUH.) It's just when your mind is constantly pre-occupied with your newborn baby, you sorta just get into an attention rut. You almost forget that you had friends or did something else other than just breastfed and changed diapers. Of course, I LOVE my new life now as a mother, but I think that I could use some balancing out once in a while. I'd probably even enjoy being a mother EVEN MORE.

So, today, while Gonz watched Sofia, I went to church to help Matt lead worship. That was great (oh, Matt, Gonz forgot to tell you that you did a great job tonight). I hadn't been back to play piano and sing in at least 4 months. I was afraid I forgot how to do everything. Anyhow, it was fine. Afterwards, Margaret and Matt came to have dinner. We had the stew that I made in the afternoon. Stew is a great, great meal. So easy and still yummy. Tastes like it was way more work than it was. And while Gonz made Miis for all the members of U2 Matt made milkshakes for dessert. I had a banana raspberry milkshake. I could have one every day. But then I'd be 400 pounds FOR SURE - that is, if my heart didn't give out first.

The evening ended with Bono playing Batman at Wii Tennis - and both characters were played by Matt. You can only imagine how funny that looked. Oh, and Batman looked more like Gladson than Batman.

Tomorrow... more fun. We're going to Matt and Dave's party. Hey Matt - three days in a row. This is craaaaaaaazy.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

While reading Macworld I found out about a new browser. Well, at least it's new to me. It's called Flock. As Macworld puts it, "Allows one-stop management of social-networking and content-sharing sites; tracks RSS feeds; includes tools for easily creating blog entries." Like right now, I pushed one button at the top of my browser and a blog entry window pops up. Unreal.

My "homepage" has a summary of all recent activity of my contacts on Flickr and Facebook. I can see the last posted images from my Flickr contacts (it even tells me that Matt hasn't updated in 6 weeks!). I am positive that I don't really know how to use everything that this browser is capable of yet, but so far it's looking amazing. I don't have to log into all my services separately and it gives me a quick summary of what is going on with all of them!

Make a book?

Friday, May 09, 2008

Flickr has a partner called, "Blurb". See site here.

I saw it about two weeks ago and have gotten seriously inspired to make a book. But about what? I thought about perhaps making some of my blogs into a book, especially over the last year. Like, a family yearbook. Something like that. I could incorporate some of my personal journals into it too. I've got TONS of material to work with.

Anyway, another project to think about.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

No, not good sick.

On Sunday night, when my friends and family went home, I felt a dull pain in my breast. I just figured it was the usual - too much milk. Went to pump it and save it for Sofia for later, and went to sleep. But unfortunately, I also felt a little achy. I just figured it was tired. That wouldn't be too surprising.

The night would prove that I was sicker than I thought. I hardly slept that night, and woke up semi- okay, but a large rectangle over my breast was red, it was hot, and a bit hard. And the aches were worse. I also was developing a fever. I decided to take a shower and see if I could relieve it a little. Nope.

i called my awesome doctor and the receptionist squeezed me in for a 3 o'clock. Great thing was that Gonzo had the day off and could watch Sofia. I drove myself there all feverish, sans make up, ugly socks and all. I left the windows up and the vents closed even though the car was baking hot 'cause I was just freezing. I arrived at 2:45 and had to wait 40 minutes. It was a busy day in there. I sat in the corner and leaned my head against the wall, hands squished between my thighs, and tapping my feet quickly just trying to feel comfortable. Needless to say, the seat beside me in the waiting room remained empty the entire time I was there.

Dr. Chin finally got to see me, and I was super relieved. I was so weak that I could hardly remove my clothes. Thinking back I can't believe that I felt so bad (even though it wasn't so long ago). He confirmed my suspicions: I had mastitis.

Mastitis usually happens when a mother has a lot of milk (the blessing and the curse as I've been finding out) that it leaks from the milk ducts into the mammary tissue thus causing an infection. The symptoms are basically flu-like plus the breast pain.

It's not really that big of a deal as that it's easily treated with antibiotics and I can still feed Sofia well - although the affected breast is hard to get milk out of, and it leaves you feeling like complete crap. Last night I ended up with a fever of 39.1 degrees celsius (that's over a 102 fahrenheit my American friends), waking every hour and moaning 'cause no matter how I laid I was uncomfortable with my joints aching and being so chilly. I then decided I couldn't take it anymore and took a couple of Advils and woke up an hour later in the sweatiest fashion I have ever been in but never more delighted. Having your fever break is such a relief. (The reason why I had waited it out was because I had read from a lactation expert's website regarding mastitis that a fever helps to treat an infection so if I can stand it just let it run its course).

I am A LOT better today. My temperature went down to 36 degrees, and only up to 37.3. I am feeling a bit more normal except that the penicillin is doing a number on my belly. It's like feeling hungry all day but without the appetite to correct it. Oh and the farts are deadly.

So, it's been a bit of a tough three days. The tough thing about it is that I don't get to take it off work. I am still on call. If Sofia needs me to feed her in the middle of the night, I'm there to do it. I was instructed to have Sofia nurse from the affected side first to draw out the blocked duct, but that isn't too exciting when that is the side that is killing me. Anyhow, I am happy that today I was able to play with Sofia. It's crazy how much I can miss holding her when something happens and I can't. Fortunately Gonzo had Monday off, and took Tuesday off to help me with caring for Sofia while I was down and out.

I really hope I never get this again.
Unfortunately, there isn't really a way to prevent it.