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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Daddy and Sofia
This month is going to be a fun month.
Sofia is four months old. We just had our check up with Dr. Chin, and she is now 16 pounds and 3 ounces. Last month she was 14 pounds and 9 ounces. She has pretty much gained 2 pounds since her last appointment. I think she grew 7 centimetres too. Remember the pinched nerve in my neck? Quelle suprise! Dr. Chin said she had a big month.

The awesome thing about this month, though, is that she has started to do some new things:

  • Giggle! You have to catch her in the right mood right now, but when she gets going, the giggles keep coming and I think that there is hardly a better sound than a baby's laugh. When she did it the first time, I nearly cried.

  • Tummytime! The first step to crawling. She is now staying on her tummy without complaint most of the time, and is holding her head up steady. She is kicking her legs, but doesn't know how to shift her weight back on to them yet.

  • Rolling over! She is almost there... she keeps twisting her body when she is on her back to roll onto her front. Several times she has already rolled from her front to her back.

  • Talking! It is becoming way more frequent now. She is becoming a lot more responsive where when you speak to her and ask her a question, she will coo a sound back.

    She still continues to love Diana Krall. Last night wasn't a good night (she missed having a good nap in the afternoon) and was on the freak out! Christine suggested putting Diana Krall on ('cause I forgot about that), and she stopped crying altogether. Instead, she looks straight into my eyes and smiles behind the pacifier in her mouth. And then, she has the nerve to muster a giggle! She's friggin' torturing me with the ear piercing screams and trying to wrestle herself out of my arms (she's getting really strong), and all I have to do is put Diana Krall on? I'm telling you - I am so sick of that album ("When I Look Into Your Eyes").

    So, I am anticipating a wonderful month. The more she giggles, the happier I am! And getting more mobile does come with its problems, but now she is going to be less like a babylump. Oh, did I mention on this blog that I have actually figured out why I was having so much trouble feeding her? Well, it was because she wasn't hungry. She used to eat around every 2.5 to 3 hours. When she would start fussing around that time, I assumed it was because she was hungry. Nope. About a week ago I quit trying to force her to eat. I started just waiting it out. Voila! She finishes the bottle almost problem-free now, every time. This definitely takes the stress out. Over a full month of panic every feeding time is now finally over.

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    1. Haha! My mom was right. She just wasn't hungry. And like you said, the 3rd world moms got it right.


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