Tuesday, April 29, 2008

For the benefit of Daine and Andy (Andy, are you a friend of Daine's?), here is the rest of the story to the loud thuds that we heard the other night:

To explain, first, where we live, to those who don't know us for reals - we live on the 14th floor of an apartment building. There is only one floor above us, and my husband thought that the sounds were coming from the roof. The next day, my husband went to work, with only three hours of sleep accomplished, and came back home after a few hours 'cause he was so dizzy (he doesn't do well with little sleep). Before taking a LOOOOOONG nap, he went to see the superintendents and told them about the noises. They didn't have a clue, but guessed that perhaps one or some of the elevator shaft panels were loose and because it was so windy that night, it caused them to flap.

Well, it didn't continue for the rest of the afternoon, and more importantly, it was quiet last night. However, now I'm scared about our elevators. Since we live on the 14th floor and have a baby, the stairs are not an option.

Sorry the story isn't more exciting, but that wraps that one up.


  1. 14th floor. they best be getting the elevator fixed.
    And this shows my complete lack of knowlege. My friend here at work went to School in Toronto and was saying just now at lunch that he lived in the 34th floor and when the elevator would die you could pry the doors open and crawl out onto what ever floor you were on! that is pretty frightening to me. i lived on the 4th floor once of this old old building that had been retro-fitted with he first elevator in Springfield, MO. It still worked! the good news Gonz got his sleep and not more nightmare hopefully.

  2. RYC:

    this is the stimulus package i speak of.
    3g is not bad. I Hear that happens when you start having baby's. Good Deal.

  3. I was wondering about those thuds...


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