Tuesday, April 22, 2008

132 / Monday, April 21
Got nothing in particular to say aside from the fact that it's always nice to spend time at my in-laws house. We went there at around lunch time and just did nothing in particular all day. Watched Elizabeth going around and around playing her crazy imaginary games.

Here's one that she always does every time:

Every time we go to my in-laws' house and take Sofia out, it only takes a few minutes to have found that Elizabeth, my niece, has replaced Sofia's spot in the carseat with one of her dolls. This time it was extra hilarious because it was the tiniest doll I have ever seen, and it was being kept warm with the blanket Sofia arrived in. I looked and laughed so hard.

Having a baby myself has really totally made me slow down and just be okay with doing nothing but watch the kids. My life used to be all about being highly productive that everything would end up being a project. Even "spending quality time" would end up being a project or a task that I would check off on my list of to-do's. People are not TASKS. I think that I really freaked Gonz out when we were first married. I would be stressed out from not knowing how to just stop, nevermind even just slowing down. He's definitely taught me a few things in that department.

Pausing and reflecting is so crucial for me now because I really don't want to miss anything with Sofia, and any of the other children I may have in the future. This is what I am a bit hesitant about when I return to work. I realize that my life's pace is going to be picking up again when I do, and how am I going to balance this with my family life as a mother? I understand now that I am likely not going to be able to go back to work full-time but will have to trim back at least one day to do this. My family must be a priority or one day I will find myself with no relationship with my children and that is one road I will not put one step on.


  1. cute.

    i know i was with you while you wrote this but since i was half alive, i only really enjoyed it just now!

    the documentation of elizabeth's nurturing character is amazing. that child kills me in the best way!

  2. ad you thought you had nothing to say.
    i enjoyed this and i wish we lived in CA. this 3 months with a crack-berry strapped to her belt is not gonna work. i just have this feeling.


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