Margaret is in the Paper!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Margaret appears in Toronto's Globe and Mail
My sister, Margaret, appeared in the Globe and Mail yesterday. She will be participating in an arts and crafts show and sale, The M.A.D.E. Show (Modern Art Design Exhibit). This will be their third year featuring local artists. To promote it, the Globe and Mail wrote an article about the show and featured Margaret's piece, "Gwakong-Grandpa". The unfortunate thing is that they failed to credit her, or Christine who took the photo. Weird.

Anyhow, the show details are:

April 25 to 26
Friday April 25th at 6pm 'til 11pm
Saturday April 26th at noon 'til 10pm
Sunday April 27th at noon 'til 7pm
At the Gladstone Hotel
214 Queen Street West Toronto. Admission is free.

Hope you can make it. As usual, Margaret is working her butt off, so go out and support her!


  1. when you don't get credit for something you do i feel it is the worst kind of insult. i am sorry about that.
    I snagged a little car at the shops yesterday. i was telling Christine i was wishing i were some rich old coot, I'd have got Sophia one and shipped it to you guys they had 4 left at half price. so cute. She can ride it around if you all ever come way south.

  2. awwww daine - how nice of you that you would even think about buying something for sofia. that is worth as much as you actually buying it. ok. actually, it's cheaper. :-)

    you are sweet!


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