Got outside!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

116 / Thursday, April 3
The day finally came that I have been waiting for! The day that it was warm enough to get outside with Sofia. A reported 8 degrees celsius outside and you should have seen how fast I got Sofia ready after I had my lunch. Poor thing was falling asleep so I kept calling her name to stay awake until I got her in her snowsuit (because if I waited until after she fell asleep she'd scream BLOODY MURDER!)

I walked to Fairview Mall (20 minutes), walked around IN Fairview Mall (20 minutes) and then walked back home (20 minutes). My back, my abs, my legs, and my feet felt gloriously sore.


  1. Too cute!
    Argh. I want to hang out with you. I'd love to go for a Spring walk with you...
    Let me know if sometime on a Monday or Wednesday around 5:30ish or 6 could ever work for you...probably bad timing...but I'd love to come by after work sometime!

  2. oh my the baby bjorn.
    that's why you're sore.
    good for you though!

  3. @bex - would love to go on one with you too! hmm... I think this Monday we're going to try to hang with the Massimis, but Wednesday would work for me. Let's keep an eye on the weather.

    @christine - yes, the babybjorn. I also made sure I tucked in my abs and threw my shoulders back to get an extra workout. :-)


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