Hello again, Salomon

Monday, March 03, 2008

So, after I wrote my post on the death of my 12 year old Salomon hiking boots, a PR rep for Salomon read it and offered me a new pair of hiking boots. They arrived today!

Can you believe it? I am not quite sure how the rep found my blog, but I'm sure glad I wrote it! Woohoo! Free shoes!


  1. I saw that comment and I was like real or fake? And obviously it was real! That's crazy awesome.

  2. those look nice, I want to see those last until Sofia is a teenager!

  3. Anonymous6/3/08 23:05

    no way!!! that's awesome!!! wooohooooooooooo warm, dry, comfortable feet.

  4. BAh ha ha ha ha
    So good.

  5. Anonymous7/3/08 13:36

    that's pretty cool. I've heard about how such companies appreciate their long term customers, but I've never seen it happen like this.
    peace out


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