Caught sleeping on Good Friday

Friday, March 21, 2008

102 / (Good) Friday, March 21

Being busy with my three month old baby has made me skip the whole lead up to Good Friday. Good Friday is such an important day for me personally because of what God did to make the gap between me (as well as others) and Him disappear. We can be friends again. Good Friday is a day that we can commemorate that. Even today, as I fed her at 8:45am, I thought to myself, 'I should just skip church today - what's the point? She's gonna make me miss the message anyhow.' (She'd get hungry between 2 and 2.5 hours).

I'm glad I went anyhow, even though she did make me miss the speaking time. To see the community that I'm a part of because of God had done for us so long ago was really worth it. It took me forever to get out of church (we were in a semi-rush because Gonz had to be back at church just a mere hour later to prep for the Easter presentation) because everyone was hounding Sofia down. So many people had heard of her but had never seen her yet.

Right now Sofia has me missing being a good part of the church community that I love. Of course, not on purpose. I have to work hard to remain connected and in touch - even as it good for my own spiritual life. God created us to be connected to others, so He created this rich community that is birthed out of the reconciliation of us to Himself. I am naturally not strong at remaining connected, partially because I'm so stubbornly independent. Independent is good when you can learn to do something yourself, but independent is bad when you learn to do everything by yourself. It's important that I remember to include others in my life as it enriches mine as I enrich theirs (at least I hope!)

It would have been nice to feel like it's Easter already, but that doesn't have to stop me from being so grateful every other day of the year.

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