Update: Rear-ended

Friday, January 11, 2008

It turns out that the 'pink slip' of paper that the officer was looking at was the very paper Gonzo was trying to hand him. Thanks for the confusion. Anyhow, I'm relieved.

The story:
Gonzo was driving home from a meeting at church, heading east on Finch Ave. E., and was stopped at a stop light which is just a glorified crosswalk (i.e., not an intersection). Next thing he knows, he's rear-ended by someone who, he thinks, was on a cellphone. Gonz, in turn, hits the car in front of him. He gets out of the car, as does the man at fault, and they examine their cars together. Our car looks barely scratched, and the other man's... well.. there was stuff leaking from it! Gonz advises him to turn his car off. The man offers Gonz $200 to cover the damages - Gonz refuses telling him he doesn't know what could be wrong with the car and tells him he will get the car checked out first before settling outside of insurance. The front car that Gonz hit claimed no damage and left the scene of the accident. Gonz and the other man went to the Collision Centre together to report.

Yesterday Gonzo reports the accident to the insurance company and everything checked out - the other man's insurance company will cover the damages. Annnnd we get a rental car for the duration that the car is in the shop.

Gonzo takes the car to the shop this morning and they state that repairs total at least $2000 at first glance. If you lift up the carpet that covers the trunk floor, over the spare tire, the entire thing is crushed in. Also, if you try to 'pop' the trunk, it doesn't. You have to pry it up. Parts have been ordered. The man at the shop said that there is a possibility that our car may be totalled (if the insurance company assesses that the repairs amount to more than that which the car is worth). I guess the insurance company may be called in once they look at the car more fully.

I'm just glad Gonzo wasn't hurt. And it is nice that our car is still driveable.
Gonzo is glad that Sofia wasn't in the car. He said he had his first "Father's fury" that night. The thought that Sofia could have been hurt enraged him.
I'm looking forward to seeing what rental car we get to drive for a while.

I wonder if we are going to have to buy a new car...


  1. Ooooh! You're right! That didn't turn out so bad. It could have been so much worse...oh dear.

  2. Gonzo's smart. I'm glad it didn't turn out so bad and I wouldn't want to see Gonzo in a state of father fury - scary
    peace out

  3. You should have taken the $200


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