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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wednesday, January 23

My baby is growing fast. She is seven weeks tomorrow. Seven weeks?! Where'd that time go?

Today marks the final day of my holiday-style maternity leave.
For the first three weeks of my baby's life, Gonz had taken it off of work and so we were together - observing the hourly changes of our new daughter. The next three weeks my mother took off of work to help me with the baby by cooking, cleaning, helping me organize my home to better use space, and of course doting on her new granddaughter. We had lots of fun going out and practicing lugging all that baby gear everytime we'd step out of the door.

Tomorrow, I am home alone with Sofia.

Hopefully real life won't hit me too hard.
Actually, as wonderful as everything has been over the last weeks, I am looking forward to having the time alone (although I don't know how long for...). Sofia is starting to be a little more awake everyday, and last night, it was very exciting 'cause we were actually able to make her smile! You should have seen us - my dad, my mom, Gonzo and me crowding over her working very hard to make her smile over and over and over again. After about 1 minute she started crying. Must have been pretty scary with 4 very big people leaning over and in her face.

Well - I also know that real life maternity leave is also going to be missing a bit of adult-interaction. So, if you're in the neighbourhood give me a shout and feel free to visit.


  1. wow, she HAS gotten big. I was saying to my family friend who also recently had a baby that her baby now looks almost like a little person. Up to recently she was just this tuft of hair peeking out of the blankets or next to mummy or eating.
    btw, Sofia is a beauty

  2. this is when you start looking for mom groups or calling on your other mom friends.
    you'll love this time, like you said the alone time with her will be great!


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