More family!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Last night we went out to visit my mother's three sisters who live out in Woodbridge. I have three cousins there, two of whom have families of their own, have three children each. They LOVE to cook. In fact their home has two kitchens - one big one in the regular spot, and then one industrial sized one in the basement. It was a feast. They made a roast so big and so delicious that it even shocked Gonzo.

We had such a great time hanging out with family that we perhaps don't hang out with enough.
We came home beaming.

Note about the photo:
There are 4 generations represented here.


  1. I was like, where do I comment?! And then I saw "reactions". So my "reaction" is - holy moly they have two kitchens?!?
    That's so awesome.
    But. Even awesomer is how there are 4 generations in that photo - I love it.

  2. Anonymous28/1/08 22:33

    You really are beaming in this one. You look great.


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