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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A friend of mine, Matthew Chapman, is raising some funds. I am posting an email that he has sent around to spread around the info. I encourage you to do what you are able.

Jambo marafiki zangu! (Hello my friends)
As you may know, from January to August of 2007 I lived in Tanzania, teaching music at an international school on the island of Zanzibar. I encountered the kindness and generosity of African culture wherever I went, but one man whose story really touched me was the assistant to the school's principal. He was a brilliant, uplifting and charming character who completely changed my conception of poverty. Working a respectable job, he makes only $50 a month and at age 28 has yet to save enough to attend his final year of high school ($400). The cost of living in Zanzibar has increased rapidly with the tourism boom and his salary barely keeps him and his mother afloat. I decided upon returning that I wanted to do something to reciprocate the kindness and hospitality shown me. I have put together a calendar of my photos to raise money for Johnny's education. To see the photos and find out how to donate, visit:


If you'd like a calendar (they're very small, 3x3in) just reply and I'll have it mailed post-haste. So far I'm a long way from my fundraising goal (see website) and I'd really appreciate any support you could offer. Passing this along to friends would also be a huge help! Thank you so much for those who have already donated. Updates on the project's progress to follow soon!

Many Thanks,
Happy New Year!!

Matthew Chapman

He is a good guy. I am proud to know him.

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