The bond?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The bond?
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Yesterday, after Gonz arrived home from work, my mother and I decided to run some errands. We weren't going to be gone for more than an hour. We were just going to Costco to pick some photos I had printed and some envelopes at Staples. As we left, Gonz had a face of worry. I'm like, geez... handle it. Sofia is laying calmly in her crib and she's going to be off to sleep anytime!

20 minutes later, while we were at Staples, Gonz calls and tells me that 10 minutes after I left she started crying and has been inconsolable. So I hurry up and get home. As soon I hold her she calms down and falls asleep.

Apparently, this has happened four times now.
Other times that I have left her, she's been out cold only to wake and starts wailing. Can she really know that I am gone?

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  1. The bond...the mommy bond...
    Crazy eh?


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