Gummy Bear's Baby Shower

Friday, December 07, 2007

I don't even know where to start in order to write about the awesome baby shower that Ana and Christine threw for us.

Okay, I'll start with the bare facts:
  • It was in Ajax - at CLC; the church Maria Paz works at (Gonzo's sister). Convenient for both sides - Gonzo's side is in Oshawa, and mine in Toronto.
  • It had lots of awesome food! We went there without dinner - and this was definitely NOT a problem.
  • It was co-ed. Which I was so happy about. Definitely makes a baby shower somehow more entertaining...
  • I was thrilled that people chatted and laughed ALL NIGHT. Even while we were opening gifts - which was very awesome. My wedding showers were people staring at us as we opened gifts. I already don't like being that much in the center of attention... The baby shower was definitely less awkward feeling for me.
  • We had a prize at our shower! We had people write parenting advice on slips of paper, and then had a draw from these entered slips (view here) for a Starbucks gift basket. I am proud that we had a prize. I also don't think that's baby-shower-traditional.

    This baby has EVERYTHING. We have been so spoiled!
    Gonzo and I, when we got home, we were so touched thinking about the people who came tonight. I know that there were other people who wanted to come but couldn't be there (i.e., my own sister, Margaret who was teaching a class :-(; and my father who had to be at rehearsal for our Christmas musical that is happening on Sunday night.) To think that all those people (plus more) take the trouble to come out, to support us, to celebrate with us and are seriously excited for us. It's unreal. I managed NOT to cry when I made my short thank-you-all-for-coming speech... although Dave's song written for Gummy Bear did push me to the edge (I felt the tears at the corners of my eyes, ready to drop.)

    Thanks to everyone who came out, who has ever wished us well, prayed for us, gave us advice, or even thought about us at all. We feel so loved.

    (photo credit: Lyndon Layne)
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    1. It was a very Kathy and Gonzo shower which made it awesome. You guys have awesome sisters!
      Love you three,


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