Paparazzi'ed Baby

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Uncle John meets Sofia
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I've been a mother for almost 20 days.
I think that I've got more than 300 photos of her. Being the firstborn myself, I've got lots of photos - but this is just ridiculous.

Realizing that most people don't want to see EVERY SINGLE SHOT of Sofia, I've created "365 Sofia" where I am going to post one photo of Sofia everyday - to spare you the agony.

Gummy Bear now is SOFIA

Monday, December 17, 2007

So, my baby wanted to come out to play...EARLY.

Born, Monday, December 10 at 8:08am (instead of December 26).
7 pounds, 7 ounces
She's a girl!

It has been pretty crazy - learned how to change a diaper (yes, my daughter's diaper is the first I have ever changed), boobiefeed, learn to understand a newborn's cries and other random facial expressions (with pretty high accuracy! I'd estimate 78.675% of the time), and learning to wake without an alarm clock to boobiefeed (on average about every 2.5 to 3 hours).

Life, for us, is now upside down. I used to be the pursuer of high efficiency living. Now, I can't complete a task on my to-do list on the same day I come up with it (I wanted to cut my toenails for about 3 days). I used to run my days around meetings and appointments. Now, the only appointments I can manage to keep is feeding Sofia (I forget to eat regularly... yes, that IS bad). I used to live on the computer. Now, I'm afraid to turn it on because I know that will be time away from Sofia.

Today marks Sofia's one week birthday, as well as the best week I've had in my life.

Super update to come.

Gummy Bear's Baby Shower

Friday, December 07, 2007

I don't even know where to start in order to write about the awesome baby shower that Ana and Christine threw for us.

Okay, I'll start with the bare facts:
  • It was in Ajax - at CLC; the church Maria Paz works at (Gonzo's sister). Convenient for both sides - Gonzo's side is in Oshawa, and mine in Toronto.
  • It had lots of awesome food! We went there without dinner - and this was definitely NOT a problem.
  • It was co-ed. Which I was so happy about. Definitely makes a baby shower somehow more entertaining...
  • I was thrilled that people chatted and laughed ALL NIGHT. Even while we were opening gifts - which was very awesome. My wedding showers were people staring at us as we opened gifts. I already don't like being that much in the center of attention... The baby shower was definitely less awkward feeling for me.
  • We had a prize at our shower! We had people write parenting advice on slips of paper, and then had a draw from these entered slips (view here) for a Starbucks gift basket. I am proud that we had a prize. I also don't think that's baby-shower-traditional.

    This baby has EVERYTHING. We have been so spoiled!
    Gonzo and I, when we got home, we were so touched thinking about the people who came tonight. I know that there were other people who wanted to come but couldn't be there (i.e., my own sister, Margaret who was teaching a class :-(; and my father who had to be at rehearsal for our Christmas musical that is happening on Sunday night.) To think that all those people (plus more) take the trouble to come out, to support us, to celebrate with us and are seriously excited for us. It's unreal. I managed NOT to cry when I made my short thank-you-all-for-coming speech... although Dave's song written for Gummy Bear did push me to the edge (I felt the tears at the corners of my eyes, ready to drop.)

    Thanks to everyone who came out, who has ever wished us well, prayed for us, gave us advice, or even thought about us at all. We feel so loved.

    (photo credit: Lyndon Layne)
  • Grossest Sleeping Pattern Yet

    Thursday, December 06, 2007

    Go to bed at 12 midnight.
    Wake at 1:30am.
    Wake at 2:30am.
    Wake at 3:30am.
    Lay awake until 4:00am.
    Get up and do something to tire yourself out (today's feature: FB creeping).
    Try again at 5:30am.
    Lay awake until husband wakes up and goes to work.
    Fall asleep at 6:30am.
    Wake at 9am.
    Feel like crap all day.

    But I still wouldn't give up the pregnancy experience!

    Filming "Light of the World"

    Sunday, December 02, 2007

    Gonz at work
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    Yesterday, was day two of three shooting a short film for Parkway Forest Community Church's Christmas service. PFCC is one of APC's satellite churches. We had a good time - I got to be around for the emotional stuff: Joseph breaking up with Mary.

    The thing that I admire most about actors is their ability to work long hours doing something very emotional. I guess it comes with practice - but still, I think that it must be very tiring.

    We've got two more scenes to shoot today. The weather is a little daunting, so we'll just have to be careful...