Surprise Baby Shower!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Today, this group of people threw a surprise baby shower for Gonz and I.

The majority of the ladies in this photo used to come and stay with my family every weekend because when they first arrived to Canada, they worked as nannies. During the week, they would work and stay with the families they worked with, but on the weekends they were expected to find their own places to stay. So, instead of that my parents invited them to come and stay with us - just as long as they don't mind squishing with their daughters. We sure didn't mind - we had SO MANY PEOPLE to play with us!

Now, these ladies are all independent - married, have children, work as lab technicians and other skilled jobs. It's so awesome to see them all doing so well when life can start out as so tough sometimes.

And today, these ladies turned around and blessed Gonz and I so much because they love my parents so dearly. I feel so ridiculously provided for that I really didn't (and don't) know what to say.


  1. That is so beautiful.

  2. You deserve it Kathy!!!! I trust you had a terrific time.


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