This is hard.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The last little bit is always the hardest. Whether it's putting away the sound equipment after the night's done, cleaning up after you've thrown a party, or putting the finishing details on a 50-page paper. We've got moving the computer(s) out of the office, the desks are at their new homes, books are in storage, and the majority of the closet space is used in a way that make more sense now.

There's just so much "stuff" left. Most of it probably doesn't mean much to me. But some stuff I HAVE to keep - like software manuals. For the software we've got, we're always learning what's more to it.

Tomorrow should help. We're going to buy furniture tomorrow - which I was planning on doing AFTER everything was tidied up. However, I've realized that isn't really possible since it's the furniture that will help us tidy some of this stuff up. Like, we're buying a big wardrobe, and part of it will be used for storage of some of this "stuff". STUFF. Ugh.

I've only got two and half months left until this baby is here. It's crunch time.

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