Nursery Painting: Part III

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Monday went much smoother than any other day over the weekend. As soon as we got home, we taped the outline for the darker tone, laid down the first coat in about a couple of hours, ate dinner at my parents (dumplings!), hung out for a bit, then went back home to paint at 10:30pm. Removed the tape and voila! We were done.

Tuesday night, we went to my parents' for dinner again, and then came back home to clean up the big fat mess. My parents came along and then my mother basically kicked us all out and did what she does best: making a room perfect. My mother is almost sixty, and she gets down on her hands and knees and washes the plaster dust from the floor - not once, but twice. What a relief though. I couldn't stand another day of that whole area of our house being a DISASTER.

I'm so glad all of that is over - although I'm happy for the experience. I feel like it's something that I now know how to do. Gonzo came home today and msn'ed me just saying, "The room looks awesome!" He's not handy so the fact that he helped do something handy makes him feel proud, I think. Also the fact that it's for his child that's coming very, very soon...

Now, it's for the fun part: assembling furniture and decorating. Wee!! More pictures to come.

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