Nursery Painting: Part II

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I bought a mask.
I bought a mask so I could help with the work to be done in the nursery. Gonzo had to work today and I couldn't stand the idea of Margaret doing all the work alone. So, i helped. I wore a mask the whole time.

After I take the mask off after wearing it for some time, my face looks like it got a bad sunburn because of how hot it gets under it.

Today was borderline crazy. Gonzo got up late for work 'cause he set his alarm at 6:30 - which is actually what time he should leave. I got up and helped him get his stuff together. I went back to sleep and got up a couple of hours later, got ready and headed down to the church to run media during a funeral for a 18 year old man, Keegan Allen, shot three times in the head while attending, and perhaps participating, at a dance competition in a community centre. That was terribly sad. After that, I headed over to my parents' house, ate some lunch, then Margaret and I went to Canada Wheel to buy some more poly filler, a sander, sandpaper, primer and a mask. A mask I wore all day, ladies and gentlemen. Went back to my place - it's about 2pm now - and got started to sanding all the plastered areas down. We got that done, then we had to take a quick shower, and go to church (again) for worship team rehearsal. (Church was super exciting tonight - Missions Convention! Great speaker as usual, and we got to do a new super good song that I was nervous about.) AFTER THAT - we went to my parents' for dinner, they came back to my place for dessert, and then Gonzo, Margaret and I continued to move towards the goal: priming the room.

After sanding the entire room, we wiped all the walls down, retaped some of the baseboards, and got ready to prime. I was excited 'cause I hate doing the same task for too long, so changing and getting to do something different makes me happy (sanding is bad as it is - sanding for more than 1 hour is worse.) So Margaret and I started to 'cut' the room (I'm learning all these home-reno words that I didn't know before - I'm probably not even using them properly), while Gonzo rolled the larger areas. HOWEVER, as Gonzo rolled the original problem started coming back in some spots: bubbling. Margaret was mortified. We did what we could - finished up priming... and then Margaret started scraping away the bubbles and started peeling a lot of the paint back again to reveal the plastered surface. We finished up at around 1am.

It's ridiculous, these painter people who were contracted to paint here. If I knew then what I know now I would have demanded that they primed 'cause I've actually been around while they've done the work! Some people are so lazy and only work to get a paycheck. How about doing something right? Even if no one is looking?

Margaret swore a lot tonight.
I just listened and said sorry.

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  1. i wear a mask everday...
    not in the metaphorical sense. literally - so that i dont inhale stuipd poisions at work and make myself high and anesthiated like last time... okay, its happened more than once. i also wear a lab coat. and sometimes a gown, booties, and everyday i put on probablly like 5 pairs of gloves. i should gown-up and come over to help, no, i should lend you my "gown-ing up materials". haha
    sorry to hear its been such a frusterating job.


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