Nursery Painting: Part III

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Monday went much smoother than any other day over the weekend. As soon as we got home, we taped the outline for the darker tone, laid down the first coat in about a couple of hours, ate dinner at my parents (dumplings!), hung out for a bit, then went back home to paint at 10:30pm. Removed the tape and voila! We were done.

Tuesday night, we went to my parents' for dinner again, and then came back home to clean up the big fat mess. My parents came along and then my mother basically kicked us all out and did what she does best: making a room perfect. My mother is almost sixty, and she gets down on her hands and knees and washes the plaster dust from the floor - not once, but twice. What a relief though. I couldn't stand another day of that whole area of our house being a DISASTER.

I'm so glad all of that is over - although I'm happy for the experience. I feel like it's something that I now know how to do. Gonzo came home today and msn'ed me just saying, "The room looks awesome!" He's not handy so the fact that he helped do something handy makes him feel proud, I think. Also the fact that it's for his child that's coming very, very soon...

Now, it's for the fun part: assembling furniture and decorating. Wee!! More pictures to come.

Nursery Painting: Part II

Sunday, October 21, 2007

I bought a mask.
I bought a mask so I could help with the work to be done in the nursery. Gonzo had to work today and I couldn't stand the idea of Margaret doing all the work alone. So, i helped. I wore a mask the whole time.

After I take the mask off after wearing it for some time, my face looks like it got a bad sunburn because of how hot it gets under it.

Today was borderline crazy. Gonzo got up late for work 'cause he set his alarm at 6:30 - which is actually what time he should leave. I got up and helped him get his stuff together. I went back to sleep and got up a couple of hours later, got ready and headed down to the church to run media during a funeral for a 18 year old man, Keegan Allen, shot three times in the head while attending, and perhaps participating, at a dance competition in a community centre. That was terribly sad. After that, I headed over to my parents' house, ate some lunch, then Margaret and I went to Canada Wheel to buy some more poly filler, a sander, sandpaper, primer and a mask. A mask I wore all day, ladies and gentlemen. Went back to my place - it's about 2pm now - and got started to sanding all the plastered areas down. We got that done, then we had to take a quick shower, and go to church (again) for worship team rehearsal. (Church was super exciting tonight - Missions Convention! Great speaker as usual, and we got to do a new super good song that I was nervous about.) AFTER THAT - we went to my parents' for dinner, they came back to my place for dessert, and then Gonzo, Margaret and I continued to move towards the goal: priming the room.

After sanding the entire room, we wiped all the walls down, retaped some of the baseboards, and got ready to prime. I was excited 'cause I hate doing the same task for too long, so changing and getting to do something different makes me happy (sanding is bad as it is - sanding for more than 1 hour is worse.) So Margaret and I started to 'cut' the room (I'm learning all these home-reno words that I didn't know before - I'm probably not even using them properly), while Gonzo rolled the larger areas. HOWEVER, as Gonzo rolled the original problem started coming back in some spots: bubbling. Margaret was mortified. We did what we could - finished up priming... and then Margaret started scraping away the bubbles and started peeling a lot of the paint back again to reveal the plastered surface. We finished up at around 1am.

It's ridiculous, these painter people who were contracted to paint here. If I knew then what I know now I would have demanded that they primed 'cause I've actually been around while they've done the work! Some people are so lazy and only work to get a paycheck. How about doing something right? Even if no one is looking?

Margaret swore a lot tonight.
I just listened and said sorry.

Nursery Painting: Part I

Friday, October 19, 2007

Today was the big day! Finally got everything that I hadn't dealt with yet in the office into 3 boxes, that I will sort later. It'll help when we have our wardrobe assembled.

Margaret came to help Gonzo paint today. So my goal was to have everything taped off in preparation. That was the deadline that got my butt into gear. Last night Gonzo and I started at around 10:30 and finished at 12 midnight so that everything would be ready when Margaret came over to paint today.

We were pretty excited. New coat of paint. That's pretty much all you need to make you feel like you upgraded your home a huge step. Well, at least for me! The first strokes were laid on and we were excited about the colour Margaret 'counseled' us into choosing.

However, the excitement ended quite quickly. As they painted, some areas started to bubble. And when they would roll over it again - huge areas of paint would come off. What Margaret and Gonzo found out was it looked like whenever a plaster job was done for a repair, they wouldn't prime or seal it first (or whatever it is that is usually done when it is done properly), so the old paint is just coming off when you apply a new coat.

Now Margaret has spent most of the afternoon chipping and peeling off the old paint, wherever Gonzo and her have been locate some paint bubbles in preparation to do this properly. We're going to have buy another can of paint, and also primer now in addition to the poly filler we had to buy when Margaret started finding small and big cracks in the wall. It's getting harder and harder to get this done!

Well, of course it's disappointing to not get what you set out to do done in the time you think it's gonna take. But at least it's still kinda early, and not like the week before the baby is due. But what also does suck is that we have to retape the room again. :-(


Saturday, October 13, 2007

Steph brought over her Wii tonight.
In the video we are playing Boxing - it's pretty much intuitive, and if you go down you have to do a drumming action in order to get your Mii (your created character) up.

I think I pulled a muscle in my back.

This is hard.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The last little bit is always the hardest. Whether it's putting away the sound equipment after the night's done, cleaning up after you've thrown a party, or putting the finishing details on a 50-page paper. We've got moving the computer(s) out of the office, the desks are at their new homes, books are in storage, and the majority of the closet space is used in a way that make more sense now.

There's just so much "stuff" left. Most of it probably doesn't mean much to me. But some stuff I HAVE to keep - like software manuals. For the software we've got, we're always learning what's more to it.

Tomorrow should help. We're going to buy furniture tomorrow - which I was planning on doing AFTER everything was tidied up. However, I've realized that isn't really possible since it's the furniture that will help us tidy some of this stuff up. Like, we're buying a big wardrobe, and part of it will be used for storage of some of this "stuff". STUFF. Ugh.

I've only got two and half months left until this baby is here. It's crunch time.