What I whipped up today

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Gonzo and Chris were talking about doing this video since August. They are launching the high school ministry under a new name this fall. But their schedules never clicked. So, it came down to the wire: Chris asked me yesterday. They need the video for this Friday. After finding out exactly what he wanted, I agreed, and wasn't too bad either. Probably 30 minutes of shooting video, and then an hour of editing. Oh, I didn't mention that I had to climb up on the roof of the church to do this. Two ladders, actually, to get to the highest point of the church. I had a few warnings and reprimands from coworkers, being six months pregnant and all. No worries. I am okay.

Really nice music for the video. Chris chose the theme track from a show called, "Friday Night Lights." Sound like I have never heard of it? Well, that would be because...

Anyhow, here's the outcome of today's work.

Secondly, here is the logo I am proposing for this year's Missions Convention. The theme is "together" - wanting to convey a strong sense that Missions isn't the missionary's work, but all of ours together. I hope it flies. (Oh I welcome any criticisms too).


  1. Very nice K!

    It's probably fun to shoot such a class act as Chase too.



  2. Loving all the "ing" words, covers everthING!


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