Spatially Challenged

Friday, September 21, 2007

My very huge weakness of not being able to visualize and estimate volume is most problematic when I am cooking. When I am cooking with many ingredients. Like right now. Right now I am making stew. Sans recipe. By imagination. Brutal.

After cutting up too much short rib (only half of what I bought at the supermarket), and then puree-ing too much tomato, my pot suddenly became FAR too small. My recipe is now half in my pot on the stove and the other half is in the slow cooker. Geez I am so frustrated. I thought I'd grow out of this from the time my sisters and I wanted to make my mother a dinner for mother's day (or her birthday or something) when we were teenagers. What ended up happening was the same dish in different pots, pans and a wok on all four burners.

Okay, well, I'm not that bad anymore. And my mother won't end up sick after my cooking.
With those two things I will have to console myself.

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