Sleepy Face

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gonz has strep throat.
I have sent myself to the couch to sleep so that Gummy Bear and I don't catch it. Imagine trying to get over strep throat without the use of antibiotics. Yeah, I can't imagine it either.

[Before you hurl insults at Gonz for letting me sleep on the couch and not insisting he does, he already did that. I am actually happy for the couch. Helps me not sleep on my back (which is bad for the baby, and me).]

So, I'm pretty tired, but I can't sleep. Not because the couch is uncomfortable. It's super comfortable. But I'm coming to the point in the pregnancy where I'm feeling very warm most of the time, which makes it kinda hard to sleep. AND ALSO, Gummy Bear is doing really funny stretches which makes me laugh. And therefore, keeps me awake.

Sorry for the lame blog. I am pretty tired.

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