Happy Anniversary to Us

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It was our anniversary! we got married 3 years ago today. When Gonzo kissed me goodbye when he left for work that morning, I said, "Happy Anniversary babe." and he said, "3 years? seems longer." of course it seems longer when you've almost been together with someone for 10 years. That will be this November 17. A decade. Three years is only the official part of this relationship.

We couldn't think up anything creative to do for our anniversary, especially since we both had to work anyhow, so a nice dinner it was. (like that's a bad thing when this couple lovvveeeees to eat.) I thought about going downtown to the Distillery District and try a new restaurant, but I was too tired to think about trekking all the down there and all the way back. I just wanted to enjoy the evening with my hubby. We decided to go to Oliver & Bonacini at Bayview Village and that was a great choice.

We ordered their calamari, which was so good: "Jump's Original Grilled Calamari - with anchovies, capers, tomatoes and black olives in a lemon brown butter sauce." I didn't even think that it had butter in it until I just typed that. Good thing too 'cause that would make me not like it (right, Margaret?). Gonzo ordered the roasted rack of lamb with potato and goat cheese gratin, and I had the appetizer sized gnocchi. Baby is taking up all the space in my belly. My stomach is cornered into a space of a fist, it feels like. I've still got the appetite, but don't have the room. BUMMER.

We had super nice service. The waiter was so awesome. I didn't catch his name. Anyhow, the dinner is done, and dessert is a must so I ask him to bring us a menu. After clearing our plates, he comes back and tells us that he can't bring us a dessert menu because dessert has already been ordered and taken care of. And they bring us this:

See, I know someone at O&B from high school - Adrian. He greeted us at the door, and the last time we were there, we were with Steph Liu celebrating our news, so he found out then that I was pregnant. Anyhow, I shared that we were celebrating our third anniversary, so got this nice quiet table in the backroom... which I was hoping for 'cause a couple of times ago we were seated by the bar, and you just feel cramped over there.

Anyway, so we had Adrian to thank for our fantastic chef's platter of desserts. Gonzo and I left feeling seriously spoiled. It's funny how a visit to a restaurant with really great service and equally good food can actually make you feel like you celebrated.

Well - we've had a great three years so far together. Gonzo asked me if these three years were what I expected, and I think I said that I thought they were going to be harder. There were hard moments, but nothing you feel like you couldn't make it through. I turned the question around to Gonzo and he said that he thought we would fight more. Those are two things that are very good things to not have as expected.

So, if you ask us - yes, we would recommend marriage. It's fantastic.


  1. Oh you little darlings!

    You deserve every goodness – Congratulations! (Thrice removed)

  2. Happy Anniversary! You are beautiful poster children for marriage. God bless you both

  3. congratulations! i could only want the best for you two! happy aniversary!

  4. aw, i love the pic of you and gonzo. you two look so cute.

    maybe you should print it and stick it in a frame! :)

  5. Lots to celebrate in this month of September ... I just realized that you got married 3 days before Gonzo's birthday!

    Happy anniversary, guys!

    (Speaking of celebrations - there will be MUCH more to celebrate in December ... besides Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years Eve!)

  6. Daniel Wiser17/9/07 03:52

    That is such a sweet note, Kathy. Made me all soft and gooey inside - I'm like a perfectly underbaked chocolate chip cookie.

    So happy for the two of you...


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