Kick, kick, kick

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just over the weekend, I started feeling our baby moving!

We were in Batavia, where my cousins live, and I was chatting with my cousin's wife, Allison. The most common question I get these days is if I have felt the baby kicking yet. And up until then I had said, "NO!" Most mothers will then return in reply what they describe the kicking to feel like. I have gotten, "flutters", "butterflies" and "gas" as the most frequent description. Well, I hadn't felt what I imagine flutters to feel like, or butterflies which I equate with the feeling when I am nervous, and I definitely know what gas feels like. I didn't feel any of those... My cousin, on the other hand described the movements as "popping", or "bubbles." I took it to heart and immediately started looking for what I imagine that to feel like, and it couldn't be more than 5 minutes later, I felt the baby's movements!

And since then I have felt the movements stronger and stronger. I would even describe the feeling as spasms - although without the discomfort pain. Kinda feels like the muscles in your abdomen just contracting gently in various spots. Seriously so cool.


  1. Bah! I love it! That's gotta be so amazing to feel something living moving inside of you.

  2. Sadly, hypochondria affects even the strongest among us. I joke, I joke!

    Seriously though, I still kick my mother, just to remind her what it felt like. Kiiiiiiiiding!


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