Big step forward

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I have finally moved a major portion of our office out into the livingroom. Margaret convinced me not to get a corner unit like I thought would be the best solution. Not only does this look better than what I imagined but she also managed to save me 75% of what I would have spent. My sister rocks!

So, I know that this set up is working 'cause since I moved all that I have moved out into the livingroom, I haven't actually stepped foot into my office-moving-towards-nursery. And I'm only using probably a tenth of the space. How european! I am relieved that the main thing is moved. Gonzo is using his laptop on the diningroom table as planned, and so the theoretical plan is actually working in reality. That isn't always simple...

Another thing to update is that I totally slept in yesterday. Until 10am. Which made me arrive at work at 11:11am. Yeah. I was really embarrassed. When I told coworkers at work that I had slept in, they all put sympathetic faces on and said, "Oh... being pregnant makes you so tired." I'm like, "No, I have a serious snoozing problem." This morning, I banned myself to two snoozes and I was right out of bed. (Two snoozes is definitely an improvement). Hopefully I can just keep reminding myself of the embarrassing feeling of yesterday and refrain using the snooze button.

Labour Day weekend is this weekend. I really can't believe that the year is going by so fast. I am 23 weeks into my pregnancy. More than half way. This part of the year just races by (Sept. to Dec.) By the end of 2007, I will be a mother. Monumental.

Okay guys, time to guess.


  1. i voted a girl
    but we all know why . . . :)

  2. Wow! It looks so different!
    Love it.


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