Sneak peek!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Monday, I had my second ultrasound ever. The first time I saw my baby was at 5 weeks. S/he earned the nickname Gummy Bear. Yes, that small. I am now at 18 weeks. When any member of my family saw the images, they exclaimed, "SO BIG! ALREADY!" It's true though - what once seemed like a smudge on the screen, has a head, eye sockets, arms, legs, torso... all distinctly identifiable. Even on a blurry print out.

Some memorable reactions:

Calling Gonzo -
K: Hey Honey - ultrasound seemed to go fine. (note: technicians are not allowed to assess what they find and tell you. i.e. if there is something bad)
G: Oh good!
K: Yeah, so cool. You can see everything! Head, arms...
G: Is he cute?!
K: Babe, you can't see anything like that! It's just an ultrasound. Right now, all you can see is a skull.
G: Uh oh... we'll have to start calling it "Skeletor"

Showing my father -
D: Oh my goodness! So cute!!

Does he see something I don't see?!

Showing co-workers -
Showing my co-workers, those who are women, who have had children themselves perhaps at least 20 years ago, all said:
"Wow! The images are so clear!"
...including my mother.

Wow... if THIS is clear - what the heck were they looking at two decades ago?!

Showing Christine -
C: Look! the head is SO big!! ...sorry, I couldn't resist.

So. Being pregnant is not only super-exciting, but so fun too. I feel like, I can't document the experience enough - I really hope I don't forget all the awesomeness of these few months. The look of excitement on my father's face as my belly grows, the hours of ridiculous behaviour of Gonz after we get an update about the baby (whether it be ultrasounds or visits to the doctor), my sister dedicating a whole day a week to help me prepare my disasterous apartment, friends checking up on me, coworkers running all over themselves to get me mayonnaise from the other side of the building... I've never felt more connected and aware of my body, or felt as connected to everyone around me. It's like being wrapped in a good mood all the time.


  1. yay! glad to hear its a good experience. i'm still really happy and excited for you!

  2. Skeletor - gash!
    I love that you're enjoying it. You're making me want to have kids, not like Pan's Labrynth that would have scared every girl and their mother into not having kids. Ever.

    Love you Kathy!

  3. Oh Kathy, I feel like I'm living my pregnancies all over again. This time I like this way better-no baby in the end. Wow, that sounded bad. I mean, I don't want anymore but I like the pregnancy part. Umm, I'll just shut up now.

    I'm so happy that you're having a great pregnancy. You're little Skeletor IS cute, bones and all!

    Will you find out the sex or do you want to keep it a surprise? I hope you post pics of your growing belly.

    Love you!

  4. "That baby is cute" that's the first thought that came to mind when I saw the ultrasound. I agree with Bex. It's so cool how you're enjoying this.


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