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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Margaret has arranged with me that every Friday we're going to be re-organizing my apartment in preparation for the new arrival. Our office is going to be the nursery, but that means we have to figure out something else about our office. I think that we have finally found the solution, but it's definitely going to take some serious work around the apartment in general to make this work.

What I found out, however, is that I LOVE thinking of ways of making living space better. I love getting rid of stuff I no longer need, buying new furniture that works with our life... it's just a very creative process. HOWEVER, what i also found out is that this is all very stressful for Gonz. He doesn't like it at all. Which did surprise me. I was like why are you acting all stressed? After all, he was editing his script and doing movie stuff all afternoon as Margaret and I started packing up the library. Yeah - he doesn't love the process. At least one of us does, I suppose!

So, what we're probably going to do is move the computer, and computer only out to the livingroom. We're going get rid of our current desks, and see if we can find one of those desks that once you're finished what you're doing, it has doors that you can just shut it away. And everything else office-y, for storage, and filing, we'll get one of these things:

That way, everything important goes away neat and secure away from the baby - who eventually will be crawling and pulling at stuff! At first we thought that we were going to re-organize the office so that the nursery would fit in here, but after re-thinking it, it doesn't make sense to have the computer(s) where the baby is - since the baby will sleep whenever s/he wants and well, that will be the best time to work on the computer - but you can't do both at once.

Anyway, that is currently the masterplan - but there is a lot of work to go into this before we get to do the fun stuff of purchasing new furniture and decorating. That will definitely be the reward. Right now, it's all about purging and making sense of stuff.

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  1. Anonymous16/7/07 14:00

    i LOVE re-organizing. or organizing.
    glad you like it too and it'll be cool to see the transformation, or at least i'll notice the little details of how you made things work. if you need a hand, just call me. k, all the best with it!


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