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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

For all three of you that read my blog, I'm going to finally write a new one. April 5 was my last one. I haven't written, not because there wasn't anything to write, but perhaps because there was too much to write about.

And I wasn't at liberty to say what about. Well, at least for 13 weeks.

So, I am pregnant.
I only figured it out when I started feeling like crap, with no apparent explanation - but at that point I was already 5 weeks pregnant. That kind of offended me. Shouldn't I know exactly what is going on inside my body? Apparently this is not uncommon. Maria Paz, my sister in law, didn't find out until she was that far along well.

What tipped me off - many of you have already heard this story - is the infamous cold-cut sandwich. I've been having the same lunch, pretty much, for months. However, May 2nd's sandwich put me off so much that it could have grown moldy fur and legs. It wasn't a simple, 'Oh, I'm not in the mood for a sandwich today.' It was a pretty serious hate. That is when I first suspected; after all, I love my food.

After a visit to the doctor and some tests, it was confirmed. I was pregnant! I had an ultrasound on May 7, and saw the speck that was my baby - complete with 150 beat/minute heartbeat. Unbelieveable. Gonz came in to see the baby as well, and was in awe... Later, in the car, I asked what thoughts were running through his head as he saw the ultrasound.

"I was thinking how much the baby looked like a gummy bear."

Well, Gummy Bear is now the nickname for this pre-birth baby.

Been feeling great lately. For a little while (3 to 4 weeks total) I was constantly eating to ward off the feeling of nausea. I'm no where near that now. I am eating almost the same way as I was before, but still have not yet had a single sandwich - and also hate the texture of chicken. CHICKEN! the default meat! to me, I would think that if I couldn't eat anything else, chicken would something I could. Well, that is not the case.

okay, my coverage at the reception desk is over so I've gotta go. Will try and write some more. See ya later!


  1. nice post. glad you're back. stale blogs are too numerous. I'm one of the culprits of late as well. see you tomorrow.

  2. yeah, stale bloggers. Congratulations! Since me and Rachel started eating better I thought we'd eat more chicken, but no, its fish. an excellent replacement. Frickin Tilapia!

  3. Danny Floh Back12/7/07 00:28

    I was wondering why you hadn't written in so long. Gummy bear story is hilarious.

  4. I'm glad you're back too. Gummy bear is a great nick name, :p

  5. Anonymous14/7/07 08:18

    hey! i remember when you were telling me during that week how you were feeling sick and coudlnt' eat your sandwich. okay i think i'll blog now... it has been a while.

  6. WHOA!!! Congrats, Kathy! This is the first I hear of the news.

    Hope you're doing well.

  7. See what happened?! I stopped checking your blogs after I posted like 3 times on your last one telling you to blog again.
    I ready all 3 new ones. Thought I'd comment on this one. All caught up now!


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