Inmates in the Philippines

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This is how the Filipinos rehabilitate their convicts. I think that I wouldn't mind going to jail...

new look

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Downloaded this template at Blogger Templates. Has a cool feature that shows who made comments most recently. Thanks for your comments, by the way, those of you who comment.

Okay been at this computer long enough. See yas later.

Yoga - Day 1

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My sister-in-law gave me a Prenatal Yoga video for my birthday. I hadn't used it until today. Gonzo and I recently cancelled our gym membership 'cause I was finding it hard to make it out to the gym, and well... Gonzo won't go without me. Up until about two or three months ago we were doing pretty well at going (since January), but now it's just becoming a waste of money.

So. Now I have to come up with a new way to exercise so I tried the video I got. The video is a total of 50 minutes - I did, maybe, 20 to 25 minutes of it...? My back feels really good. And my sides. Lately, with the growing weight of pregnancy, my back (upper and lower) has been getting more and more sore, and my sides have been feeling pretty tight.

I have plans on doing this video every day possible, even if it's only part of it. I know that my body will thank me for it after the pregnancy is over!

Sneak peek!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Monday, I had my second ultrasound ever. The first time I saw my baby was at 5 weeks. S/he earned the nickname Gummy Bear. Yes, that small. I am now at 18 weeks. When any member of my family saw the images, they exclaimed, "SO BIG! ALREADY!" It's true though - what once seemed like a smudge on the screen, has a head, eye sockets, arms, legs, torso... all distinctly identifiable. Even on a blurry print out.

Some memorable reactions:

Calling Gonzo -
K: Hey Honey - ultrasound seemed to go fine. (note: technicians are not allowed to assess what they find and tell you. i.e. if there is something bad)
G: Oh good!
K: Yeah, so cool. You can see everything! Head, arms...
G: Is he cute?!
K: Babe, you can't see anything like that! It's just an ultrasound. Right now, all you can see is a skull.
G: Uh oh... we'll have to start calling it "Skeletor"

Showing my father -
D: Oh my goodness! So cute!!

Does he see something I don't see?!

Showing co-workers -
Showing my co-workers, those who are women, who have had children themselves perhaps at least 20 years ago, all said:
"Wow! The images are so clear!"
...including my mother.

Wow... if THIS is clear - what the heck were they looking at two decades ago?!

Showing Christine -
C: Look! the head is SO big!! ...sorry, I couldn't resist.

So. Being pregnant is not only super-exciting, but so fun too. I feel like, I can't document the experience enough - I really hope I don't forget all the awesomeness of these few months. The look of excitement on my father's face as my belly grows, the hours of ridiculous behaviour of Gonz after we get an update about the baby (whether it be ultrasounds or visits to the doctor), my sister dedicating a whole day a week to help me prepare my disasterous apartment, friends checking up on me, coworkers running all over themselves to get me mayonnaise from the other side of the building... I've never felt more connected and aware of my body, or felt as connected to everyone around me. It's like being wrapped in a good mood all the time.

Musician loves band

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hey fans, look who loves Mutemath. Crazy.

Human Tetris

Friday, July 20, 2007

Okay Beka - in your huge devotion to Tetris... you should watch this video.
Thanks Wiser for forwarding it :-)

Raspberry Banana Smoothie

Monday, July 16, 2007

Okay, several things over the last couple of weeks have made me exclaim, "WHY THE HECK HAVE WE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE?" Like, bought Delissio frozen pizzas (mmm!) and tried REAL mexican food (shhh! Gonzo LOOOOVEEESSS it).

And today, yet again.
For the first time ever, I have made a smoothie!

Trying to keep stuff lower calorie, and more importantly, low-sugar for me, my baby, and my husband, smoothies are a really GOOD dessert. Sure, they might not be the healthiest thing on earth, but with the way I made it, it's almost a health drink!

Here's what I did -
In my hand blender thing-thing, I put:

  • 1 1/4 cups of raspberries
  • 1 super ripe banana
  • 2/3 cup of orange juice
  • 175 ml (a yogurt cup) of plain yogurt

  • After blending the above, I tasted it and deemed it a bit too sour for Gonz (i.e., not sweet enough), and so instead of adding straight sugar, I pulled out some half-year old ice cream (which I am super-surprised that it wasn't super-freezer burnt) and just scooped out the vanilla portion (it was neopolitan). It only amounted to perhaps a 2/3 cup. Blended that, and it was perfect - sweeter (just a bit) and creamier.


    So, that was our post-gym treat.
    Hopefully it didn't undo all that we did there.

    Die Hard 4

    Sunday, July 15, 2007

    OOohhhh see it.
    Got my dad's stamp of approval.

    he didn't fall asleep.

    The Project

    Saturday, July 14, 2007

    Margaret has arranged with me that every Friday we're going to be re-organizing my apartment in preparation for the new arrival. Our office is going to be the nursery, but that means we have to figure out something else about our office. I think that we have finally found the solution, but it's definitely going to take some serious work around the apartment in general to make this work.

    What I found out, however, is that I LOVE thinking of ways of making living space better. I love getting rid of stuff I no longer need, buying new furniture that works with our life... it's just a very creative process. HOWEVER, what i also found out is that this is all very stressful for Gonz. He doesn't like it at all. Which did surprise me. I was like why are you acting all stressed? After all, he was editing his script and doing movie stuff all afternoon as Margaret and I started packing up the library. Yeah - he doesn't love the process. At least one of us does, I suppose!

    So, what we're probably going to do is move the computer, and computer only out to the livingroom. We're going get rid of our current desks, and see if we can find one of those desks that once you're finished what you're doing, it has doors that you can just shut it away. And everything else office-y, for storage, and filing, we'll get one of these things:

    That way, everything important goes away neat and secure away from the baby - who eventually will be crawling and pulling at stuff! At first we thought that we were going to re-organize the office so that the nursery would fit in here, but after re-thinking it, it doesn't make sense to have the computer(s) where the baby is - since the baby will sleep whenever s/he wants and well, that will be the best time to work on the computer - but you can't do both at once.

    Anyway, that is currently the masterplan - but there is a lot of work to go into this before we get to do the fun stuff of purchasing new furniture and decorating. That will definitely be the reward. Right now, it's all about purging and making sense of stuff.

    Okay, okay....

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    For all three of you that read my blog, I'm going to finally write a new one. April 5 was my last one. I haven't written, not because there wasn't anything to write, but perhaps because there was too much to write about.

    And I wasn't at liberty to say what about. Well, at least for 13 weeks.

    So, I am pregnant.
    I only figured it out when I started feeling like crap, with no apparent explanation - but at that point I was already 5 weeks pregnant. That kind of offended me. Shouldn't I know exactly what is going on inside my body? Apparently this is not uncommon. Maria Paz, my sister in law, didn't find out until she was that far along well.

    What tipped me off - many of you have already heard this story - is the infamous cold-cut sandwich. I've been having the same lunch, pretty much, for months. However, May 2nd's sandwich put me off so much that it could have grown moldy fur and legs. It wasn't a simple, 'Oh, I'm not in the mood for a sandwich today.' It was a pretty serious hate. That is when I first suspected; after all, I love my food.

    After a visit to the doctor and some tests, it was confirmed. I was pregnant! I had an ultrasound on May 7, and saw the speck that was my baby - complete with 150 beat/minute heartbeat. Unbelieveable. Gonz came in to see the baby as well, and was in awe... Later, in the car, I asked what thoughts were running through his head as he saw the ultrasound.

    "I was thinking how much the baby looked like a gummy bear."

    Well, Gummy Bear is now the nickname for this pre-birth baby.

    Been feeling great lately. For a little while (3 to 4 weeks total) I was constantly eating to ward off the feeling of nausea. I'm no where near that now. I am eating almost the same way as I was before, but still have not yet had a single sandwich - and also hate the texture of chicken. CHICKEN! the default meat! to me, I would think that if I couldn't eat anything else, chicken would something I could. Well, that is not the case.

    okay, my coverage at the reception desk is over so I've gotta go. Will try and write some more. See ya later!