Snow Day!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The weather is so exciting outside today that we all got sent home from work at 3pm. In a couple of hours, the gorgeous snow is going to be turning into vicious ice with the freezing rain that is coming. I LOVE IT when this happens. Even though it works against what I want to accomplish at that moment. When the building-wide pages and email-outs came about the church shutting down early, I was like, "Uh-oh, got only a half hour to produce the weekend's powerpoint presentation"... well, of course, that's not really possible. So I was forced to stop being busy and had to go home. I also had put too much work into the artwork for this weekend's slides to send them home to work on them. (I don't have an updated version of Photoshop here at home). So... I now have blog time again!

This has been a crazy intense week. So many things just popping up out of the blue - I don't design as well when my week has been so unplanned and I really don't feel like I accomplish as much when it's like this. I find myself sitting in my office, or arriving at some part of the building asking myself, "What am I up to again?" It's bad. Very bad.

Started with Saturday - Saturday I met with Pastor Mark for preparations of his father's funeral. I was asked to design a bulletin for the funeral as well as run all the multimedia stuff for the service. Lots of details. So, after the meeting I gathered all the (electronic) material from his USB key and then got ready for the evening. That evening I was set to lead worship at Saturday Night Gathering and I was taking a l leap into a song that I didn't really know. I figured I always stick to songs I know and that I KNOW I can lead well. The song we were going to open with was one with a little more musical... richness... and well, I was going to go for it. However, I could not forsee the late arrival of our sound guy. Wasn't his fault at all - our usual sound guy fell sick and called him up last minute to cover. We only got a mere 45 minutes to rehearse (if that) and I felt it all through the service. Even with the songs I knew, it was just really hard to lead.

Went to Beka's house after for her birthday party. Had a good chance to unwind after being wound up so tight for a good, perhaps, three hours (between rehearsal and when service ended). But once I unwound, I was pretty much just tired and useless. Beka's was SO fun though - we played fake guitar all night (Nintendo is amazing).

(It IS Nintendo, right?)

I designed the bulletin and sent it over to Pastor Mark, then spent the majority of the afternoon scrubbing my kitchen down. I actually dismantled my oven to clean between the two glass panels (windows to the oven). Then went to church for the Annual Business meeting, finish preparing the PowerPoint presentations, and then run the presentations for the night. That was the smoothest business meeting to date. Well, at least in my few years attending them. Oscar Night to follow.

Pastor James' MacKnight's funeral. Started my day with tracking down the 'perfect' paper for the bulletin to be copied onto. Perfect paper did not exist and I bought two packages too much for the funeral. Had that copied - thank God Maria and Carmel stepped in to help me sort out the mess in my head and copied the thing for me. I had to transfer Pastor Mark's Keynote presentations and then check through all of them for typos, make sure that the audio clips in them worked and hook up the computer to our system by unhooking the cables and wires running from the current computer. ANNNDDD make sure that the video camera was set up to tape the service. Which was difficult because I had forgotten my work keys at home which had the key to my cabinet that was holding the video camera ransom. Fortunately we were able to locate the spare key and the video camera was set free.

The funeral went from 12:30 until 3pm. Matt - you were right about it going long... (I guessed that it wouldn't go longer than 2pm.) Anyhow, despite the length, it was great funeral, honouring a great man and giving glory to God. So nice when people don't have to lie through their teeth about the person to be buried.

Because the funeral took up the whole day on Monday, I had to do Monday AND Tuesday's work on Tuesday. Got most of it done, but piled on a whole bunch more. In our meeting with Pastor Smith, I opened my mouth and started a huge project that has to be finished for the weekend: labelling 2600 pieces of lego to create a surface for people to write their names on. This project is still going...

Went on a search for Lego that night (a particular set - the standard kind with no weird pieces). Believe it or not, it's really hard to find.

Called Jan to find out whether or not she had returned the lego that she had picked up (I hoped not!) and found out one of our former pastors, Les Burton passed away from a massive heart attack. He was only 42.

Looking forward to a regular Wednesday, it disappeared as soon as I stepped through the doors at work. Started with news of having to make an additional powerpoint presentation for that night's service. Had to throw together a lameo presentation. Started the Lego labelling project. Finished up layout the text for Pastor Smith's notes for copying. Had at least 5 calls regarding IT crap. Made up last minute promo for an event that doesn't have very good response thus far and could possibly be cancelled if no one else signs up.

Jesse and Lisa picked me up after work. Visited three stores (Chinese one, Costco, and Food Basics) to get ingredients for Wednesday night's feast! Jesse made chicken congee which had the most ...uh... delicate flavour. That's pretty much the only way to describe it. I thought congee was easy to make - after watching Jesse, I know that this is not true. I made a steak et frites dinner with tomato salad. We finished the night off with some Italian desserts Kaylee brought over (tartufo, and italian ice).

At the end of the day I was beat, but full and happy.

Thursday ... today!
Today, I brought in one more box of lego to make sure we had enough pieces - one per congregation member (including children). Finished up the bulletin to be printed. Completed the powerpoint announcements for the weekend. Selected the songs I am going to lead on Saturday. Received a phone call from Les Burton's brother, Craig, regarding videotaping the funeral service on Saturday. I am now videotaping the service on Saturday. Went to lunch with some co-workers. Came back and made a church out of lego. (Yes, I was told to make a church out of lego. My job is the best.) Photographed an assortment of lego for the powerpoint presentation for the weekend. Didn't finish, 'cause I was sent home!

Lego Church, originally uploaded by kathy photo.

This week was enough to make my head spin. I can't believe it. Just crazy. But this is a nice ease into the weekend. I am taking the day off tomorrow COMPLETELY. Well... I think I have to make one powerpoint presentation, and perhaps do some overdue laundry. BUT OTHER THAN THAT, I think I'm gonna sleep.


  1. wow... I'm exhausted just reading about your week. I can't even imagine what you're feeling right now. I hope you get A LOT of sleep tomorrow.

    Happy snoozing!

  2. I'm sleepy now.
    And it's PS2.
    BUT - Nintendo still rocks my socks.

  3. Woah.

    Great work with the church. I'd go.

  4. I would also attend lego church, it's got wiKKed landscaping, do you think they would let me transfer my membership?


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