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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Yesterday, I went to work to finish up the PowerPoint presentation I couldn't finish because of the storm on Thursday. Turned out good. Then I went to help with the funeral - Les Burton's... what a terribly sad occasion. Saw lots of people that I hadn't seen at Agincourt in a long time. I wondered where they had gone. Some people leave for good reasons... I always wonder what those reasons are. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, honestly.

After that, we waited and waited for the Janes to join us for Korean BBQ. Hadn't gone in SOOOO long. Was so good, and fun, to share a meal with them. I hadn't seen them in a long, long time. They're the same as always. Gonz and I agree that they look exactly the same. Heather's hair is a bit longer, but they appear just as I had seen them last. That's cool.

However, having Korean BBQ just before having to sing for an extended period of time is tough. The burps kept wanting to share the mic.

At SNG, I had the biggest band that I have played with in the longest time. I had a bass player and two acoustic guitarists! How exciting. I hope Cody wants to come back. I know that Torontonians have so many commitments and sometimes they just need a break, but I hope that SNG is fun for him. So great to have him. He's good too.

After SNG, we decided to go to an Indian Restaurant with Gladson. My first full fledged Indian Restaurant experience! Honestly scared for a long while (right, Christine?). Was really good! Not that I doubted it - especially visiting one with Gladson. I didn't do any ordering - the orientation of the menu would have taken too long. I still don't know the names of what we had, but in the names of foods in other cuisines we had little fried donuts, huge crispy fried torillas, and a big potatoe-stuffed crepe.

What a wonderful day with great friends.

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