I don't know what is happening.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

What's happening to me?!
For one thing, I don't spend much time on the computer anymore. (I do still read all of your blogs, believe me.) But somehow I have managed to find from somewhere this will power to accomplish all these habits that I once found absolutely impossible.

Last week was an amazing week for me.

ABSOLUTELY #1 on my list is waking early. Three days out of 7 this week, I woke up at 6:30 and was able to get to work for 8am. If you looked at my journal, I have NUMEROUS journal entries documenting the desire that lives in my heart to wake early. But as being an individual of the arty-persuasion, this does not come naturally.

#2 - I AM READING. For the first time after college, I am finally reading again. Reading a book - "In Praise of Slowness," learning to take a slower pace in life. Or, how I like to think of it - intentionality. I'll report on more of this later. And better - I am reading the Bible a whole lot more. GASP. I know, I know. Bible College grad should have this one down. Trust me, more of us than not had Bible College destroy this good habit. But today, was amazing - I was reading and had pen in hand scribbling down as much as I could of the riches that was coming from the passages. I actually started freaking out a little. I really felt like my brain was getting way too full and I couldn't contain the knowledge.

#3 - EXERCISING. Gonzo and I have been doing pretty good with this. We signed up at the Y in January. January was hard, 'cause we had holidays in there, Gonz got injured, I got sick, so the habit was hard to maintain. But February through to now, it's been great. I went 4 times last week. This is unheard of for me. The only other place I've visited four times in one week other than church/work in my life is probably Sushi on Bloor. Oh, how I am changing.

#4 - SAVING MONEY, and actually following our budget. Gonz and I sometimes burn money like we don't work at not-for-profit companies. Once we really, really realized and admitted that our biggest obstacle to saving money is our love for eating out money has been easier to keep in our pockets. However, we have made realistic allowances for ourselves so that we can continue to do well.

So, is getting off the computer related to me somehow being able to incorporate these coveted habits into my life? Maybe I'll have to try to work blogging as a habit back into my life. :-)


  1. Can we celebrate with dumplings? Peter, Ben and I were talking about Lim dumplings last night.

  2. Anonymous12/3/07 15:43

    if you need me to come have lunch with you at the church brown-bag styles again, just so you can feel like you're eating out w/o spending money. i will. gladly.
    good to hear kath.

  3. Hey K. don't let the cyberworld call you too hard. Its much better to live in reality! Just in time for the great melt...


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