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Monday, February 12, 2007

saturday - made an impromptu leg of lamb roast with my dad
sunday - made an impromptu lasagna with christine, assembled our glass cabinet with margaret, laughed until wee hours of the morning
monday - went impromptu shopping with my parents and christine by bumping into them at longo's

1) it's official: i will be playing piano in the easter presentation.
2) i made a friend of an enemy. (unrelated to #1)
3) didn't realize that i could have left 15 minutes earlier from work when i looked up from my task and realized it was late
4) told tony about the morons from the previous week
5) i am involved and it's too late to turn back. feel a little tentative, but i'm going all out.

people. life is about to get a little stressful again. but i'm rested up for it. let's go!

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