Happy Chinese New Year!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!, originally uploaded by kathy photo.

Last night, while I was preparing a video for Sunday morning church, Ling Fu's (our Chinese satellite church) preparations for their Chinese New Year Party was well underway. Well, even coming to an end...

Since 12noon Saturday, they were gathering up groceries and materials to make a super-lunch for the people of Ling Fu and any random person they invited. They were expecting nearly 200 people. That means, you have make five times as much as you need - because you are Chinese. They made 3,000 dumplings. THREE THOUSAND. People from the church were in Room 228, and the main kitchen, between 5pm and 10pm making these dumplings as well as other Chinese food that is usually enjoyed for the new year party. Dumplings were cooked and consumed during the production of these dumplings, dumplings were consumed at the party, and many were left over that we consumed some more this evening. I've probably had something like 40 dumplings between yesterday and today (sounds nasty - but easily done).

The party was so crazy today. I love and hate going to Ling Fu stuff because everyone is seriously having so much fun, but I haven't a clue as to what is going on. I can pick out pieces of what they are saying provided their sentences aren't more than 6 words long. After that, I'm completely lost. Today was like that again. A full program in Mandarin? I'm completely lost. But what can't be missed are a whole bunch of people who haven't been in the country for long, finding a second family. That is seriously indescribable.

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