Growing Up, Moving Forward

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Been an interesting week. Kind of stressful. To the point where I could be very emotional. But it's nice, I can see myself mellowing out. All the things that would usually get me to tie my hair to a post and set my socks on fire, usually just get a deep breath from me now. Last couple of weeks, I've had so many random things thrown at me, but I just feel ... grounded. I think that my vacation was gooooood. I had so much time to think (especially in the 2 and half hours sitting on the 401 that fateful day...).

On another note, I have had some nice times to hang out this week. Lindsay came over on Wednesday and it was good to catch up. We had good laughs, and Lindsay took a few shots at Gonz (sometimes on purpose, sometimes not), and we just had a nice night over all. Gonz and I hung out with Justin Comber who just recently finished his first draft of his thesis! CONGRATS. Sushi on Bloor to celebrate. And then afterwards headed on over to Margaret's graduating class' thesis preview show. Margaret's piece was stellar (image above). When I saw it, I nearly cried. The image is of my grandfather, who, out of the three of us, I would have been the only one to have ever met him. If you can get her to explain the piece to you, you'll see why it means so much.

Today, we did some good household things. Yes. Yes, we took care of our finances. Trying to get more aggressive with saving. So much can slip through your fingers if you don't watch it. However, we're not going nuts. There is still a life to live - but we're just trying to reel it in a bit so that we can prepare for the future the best we can.

It has been a good week. A good week taking steps forward. Not much of that detailed here - but definitely in my 'real' journal.


  1. So, when are you due?

  2. tie your hair to a post and set your socks on fire.

    I haven't the foggiest idea how you came up with that.

  3. Thanks Katia! You seemed a little tense tonight! All the yelling going on at dinner!!!! ha ha ha ha

  4. this blog is old
    first i thought you wrote it today.
    and i thought - lindsay went over yesterday? was yesterday wednesday? where was i?
    then i realized this was LAST wednesday. and i was there - although no mention of me in the post. that's okay, i'm not crying on the outside.
    i'm glad it's all straightened out.

  5. Kathy
    Sushi was fun~
    again soon


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