Finally Complete...almost

Monday, February 12, 2007

So.... we ordered this cabinet as a piece of our entertainment unit back in August. We finally received it today. That's a drama in itself.

Margaret put it together for us (no, we cannot even put Ikea together - that is how UNhandy we are). And well... let's say, it is almost complete.*

Oh - and thanks Resonate for helping us buy that last piece! We received a gift card from the young adult group that we interim led while they were looking for Pastor Jeff Hackett. We put it towards putting this crazy livingroom piece together. Looks really nice.

*The only problem is the wall-briding unit. I'm unsure if the wall will hold it up. I'm waiting for Matty to come over and inspect. (Matt, I haven't told you yet).


  1. yo yo.. i will next time i'm there.. did it come with a wall anchor?

  2. hey matt! no, they didn't come with wall anchors - so I'll have to buy some. thanks... i'm excited. it already looks so good. :-)


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