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Friday, February 09, 2007

Okay, so I've just gone through all the blogs of all my friends (and some strangers) and feel a bit caught up with everyone's crazy whirlwind lives. I've got musicians, artists, students, international students, stay-at-home mum, and family all to read about. Glad to know what's happening in your life - even if it is from afar.

Now, I'm usually the one that is pretty on top with reporting what's happened in the day, but I've dropped off the face of the planet this week. It's been a good week though. Here's all the other things I was doing while I wasn't blogging.

There is always a big hoopla around the Annual Report. It is a very, very big job - although with great satisfaction at the end. It's a six-person job involving many details, and also managing the copier in such a way that it doesn't break down when we need it most. We have 4 inserts going into our bulletin this week, and the bulletin itself also has to be copied - it's at least 8 hours of copying that has to be managed. This is how the annual report prep goes:

  • Carmel sends out a memo to all staff informing them of word-counts, content, formatting, deadlines and communication to lay leaders of ministries.
  • Carmel receives reports from Pastors and lay leaders, and compiles into two documents, keeping track of late entries, changes and other assorted drama.
  • Kathy designs layout, sets up the master pages, creates paragraph styles and enters all content once received from Carmel.
  • Once layout is completed, Kathy passes over first draft to Samantha and Juanita to do first read-through for typos, coherence and other glaring errors.
  • Kathy makes up other special pages: meeting minutes from 2006, special donation page, 'in loving memory', staff listing, and ministry leadership listing
  • Maria gets the second draft and goes through the thing with a fine-tooth comb; picking up double spaces, italicizing names of all individuals who are being thanked, italicizing scripture and references, further massaging difficult-to-read paragraphs, and other nit-picky items like that.
  • Carmel and Sandi double check the list of elders (some years we have accidentally included deceased elders.... eeek), and part-time staff lists
  • Kathy rearranges the reports of pastors according to department, then alpha-order
  • Kathy and Maria set up the Table of Contents
  • Kathy sends final document to the copier where coloured pages are set up to be inserted for the title pages, and other complicated settings are entered
  • Carmel watches over the printing of 500 copies of the Annual Report printed over yesterday and today. They will be distributed this weekend to members according to the constitution (2 weeks before the Annual Business Meeting - if you're a member, you'd better be there.).

  • This is about a month-long job. I've had a few late nights this week (nothing serious - like 6pm). This is probably the smoothest it has ever gone. This year we divvied up the jobs according to the strengths among the support staff (you'd think this would be an obvious route to take - but trust me, it isn't). And we have had significantly less trouble than usual.

    Maria purchased 24 and was so kind to lend it to us. So, we've been watching that most evenings. First night we only watched one. Second night we only watched one. Third night (last night), we watched 4, I think. This is a greeeeaaaat season (season 5). We're always a little bit behind on the 24 train, but that is the price you pay when you don't have cable and the only channels you can get are 'Vision' and 'CTS'.

    I'm doing so well at the gym. Probably better than I ever had all the other times I have had gym memberships (YMCA, GoodLife, Bally's, Extreme Fitness). I've got a schedule all mapped out on my calendar and when it's a night to go, I go. If it's not, I don't. That way, I don't feel like my life is consumed by going to the gym, but I am getting the exercise that I DESPERATELY NEED. I feel so much better now. I can't wait for another month when my strength is back up as well as my endurance.

    Other things this week have also included opening the vendor search back up for the web redesign project (that was potentially frustrating, but ok), going to training for InDesign with Maria on Wednesday night, dealing with a total moron for one of our vendor services (won't go into too much detail here - I will totally tell you in person. Beka, you'd love this story), and learning about 'velveting chicken' so that my red thai curry chicken dish has the texture of that in the restaurants (it's almost there). So, my week has been packed with various things, but it's been good.

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    1. can't wait to hear the story and can't wait to see you. it's been way too long. the kathy piece of my heart needs to be filled.


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