Saturday Night Gathering

Monday, January 08, 2007

Rehearsal, originally uploaded by kathy photo.

Church was so fantastic on Saturday night. To be honest, for a few months, SNG (Saturday Night Gathering, our Saturday service), was feeling a bit ... hollow...? I mean, all the elements were there -- just seemed like the congregation was slow to respond.

We - Margaret, Dave, Matt, Carmel and myself - are at SNG week after week to lead the songs. These songs are about God (of course), and you would think that we were singing songs about logs, grass and other inanimate objects (minus all humour), based on the looks on the people's faces. If God is so amazing, shouldn't we be filled with gratitude and awe as we sing the songs we sing?

Anyhow, we had a mini-impromptu meeting in December talking about how it could be better - what we could take into our own hands. So we've been implementing small things along the way, and I think that it's working. The anticipation and involvement of the congregation was so fantastic - everyone seems to be so excited about what this year holds for our church. With our small efforts, and the 50th Anniversary, we should see SNG grow.


  1. i've definitely felt a difference the past two times i've been there. there's something fresh about it and i've found it easier to be led into God's presence.

  2. Anonymous9/1/07 22:59

    i noticed that you guys went a lot later than normal that saturday. and that i really wanted to join your service. i was feeling it, from a far.


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