Ottawa: Day Two

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday, we wandered over to the Quebec side... Gatineau! It's so crazy... just cross a bridge, you're still in Canada, but everyone around you is speaking French. We went to an all-day breakfast joint that we found (mainly because it was one of the few things open in the little neighbourhood that surrounds the museum that we were going to spend most of the day - not many things are open in Quebec on Sunday), and our server hardly spoke English. It's weird - but I like it. I like it 'cause it's Canada. Also, it was somehow way colder on the Quebec side. Geeeeeez, it was cold.

Canadian Museum of Civilization
What made me want to go to the museum was the special exhibit they had on "Petra". In case you don't know, it's this crazy old city where all its 20,000 inhabitants lived in desert rocks. Their irrigation system, pathways, and "architecture" is ... mind blowing. It's always amazing to me that people that existed much earlier than our own were capable of so much despite not having technology that we have now.

The museum itself is humungeous. There are so much to see there. We went through the special exhibit real carefully, reading every single posting under reach artifact and/or photograph. When we actually got to the rest of the museum, we hardly had any attention left. One could say that we had attention deficit at this point.

After running through the postal museum, the first people's exhibit, the hand craft exhibit, the Canada Hall (1000 years of Canadian history), my brain was pretty full. That museum you definitely can't do all in one day and really take it in. It's really well done and definitely a great resource to students in the area.

After that, we just took it easy, went back to the hotel to figure out what to do... and we decided to walk around the Byward Market, but most things were closed. We ate a Japanese restaurant that we forgot we didn't like the first time we visited it (the first time we went to Ottawa a couple of years ago).

At this point, we're starting to get tired of spending so much money eating out and visiting things, we went grocery shopping and got some breakfast type stuff and snacks. That proved helpful over the next few days. It definitely would have helped if we had a refrigerator and/or microwave in our hotel room. That always opens up huge possibilities for saving money.

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  1. Anonymous24/1/07 11:23

    okay i blogged at your request.

    i dig the whole buy groceries and try to save thing. eating out everyday completely loses its novelty. you should clear out the mini-bar, not drink it, but just put it aside and use that fridge. and make friends with the room-service guy to bring you a microwave or go jack one at a value village. ha. (never really tried that one). and definitely 'borrow' plates and cutlery from the downstairs cafe - or room service man again. okay don't. these tricks work much better in residence. you are on vacay - i'm sure you'll deal. :)


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