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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Okay, it's 2:30 am. Got home from Adam's farewell tonight, and got inspired to do a little bit of webwork. And you know - when the inspiration's kickin', you'd better just take advantage of it. Anyway, I've had a good fruitful time. Now, I'm tired. Yet, I still have to write this blog.

Earlier today, while we were tidying up for dinner, I heard a knock at the door. I don't know about you, but when someone knocks on my door, I find it a little exciting... good-exciting, and bad-exciting. Of course, that all depends on what is waiting for me on the other side of the door. I look through the peep-hole, and I don't see anyone. I keep looking, and looking, and finally a woman steps in from the edge of view, and then I can see her. I open the door - it's a neighbour from the 10th floor. She proceeds to ask me if a woman with curly hair lives "here".

ME - No
HER - Oh.
ME - Are you looking for a friend of yours? {stupid question: if she were a friend of hers, she would have addressed her by name. AND known that she lived here or didn't.}
HER -, no, no. Okay, see... a woman with curly hair a few minutes ago knocked on my door and said she lived here, she was frantic, and nervous saying that she just got a phone call that her mother had a heart attack, and she needs to get to Barrie, but her husband is working until 2am so she doesn't know what to do. She asks if she could borrow some money so she could take the bus there.
ME - Oh my goodness... is she okay?
HER - Well, see, my fiance offers to drive her there, and she declines saying that she would want to do that to us in this weather. So, I gave her some money. It wasn't much - just fifteen bucks. But...
ME - You think you got scammed?
HER - Yeah. After she left, I said to my fiancee, if she was from the 14th floor, seems like a long way to come down to the 10th. Then I just had to see for myself. I didn't give her much, but if she does this to even ten people...
ME - that ends up being a lot of money... UGH! that's awful!

I learn her name, and become a little frustrated about this little sociopath that has just preyed on her. We wonder why people are distrusting, and unfriendly to strangers. This is a classic example. People that prey on the good natured-ness of people... ugh. I could just KICK THEM!


  1. crazy. sad. scary. that's what that is. sheesh.


  2. That happened at APC a few years back. While we were prepping for Superbowl. The dude came and said he was stranded, needed to pay for his gas. That he was here visiting friends who live close enough for him to get to on $10, but not for him to walk to and I think he didn't know their number. Furthermore there was a language barrier. Anyways since i've been in such a situation (and wasn't able to get any help, even from the people I asked), I gave him some money as did another coach there and he left. Immediately afterwards we had this feeling that we'd been scammed. It didn't feel good. This just means next time someone asks for help in that way I'll just go deal with the issue at its source rather than giving cash.


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