Last Minute Vacation

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I've known about my 3.5 days of vacation days leftover from my 4 years of employment at APC, and I needed to get rid of them before January 2007 was out. Otherwise, I'd lose them. I was thinking this entire time that we'd go the last weekend of January -- but Gonzo's dad's birthday is that weekend. Oops. So that makes it ... THIS WEEKEND that we have to take a holiday.

Planning this little holiday has been a little bit disorganized. I got my dates approved on Monday. Gonzo got them approved today. But since he didn't get them approved until today, I couldn't book a hotel ... UNTIL TODAY, and we leave after work tomorrow. [ enter Wiser ]. He scored us the Crowne Plaza on Priceline. If you have never heard of Priceline, you've got to check it out the next time you need to book a hotel. You get to bid for what you'd like to pay for a hotel. Of course, you might get it accepted, or perhaps not. You bid based on star-ratings and area. Anyway, we ended up landing a 3-star (or some sites say 4-star) hotel for less that what we'd have to pay for a two-star (Days Inn, Comfort Inn, etc.) hotel. Right in the heart of downtown. This is going to be nice, nice getaway. My friend is obviously da bomb. I will pretty much never book a hotel without his help ever again. Next time, Wiser, I'll give you more notice. :-)

Where am I going you ask? Well, I am certainly not going to publish THAT on the internet. I'll tell you after (all of you people who are in my weekly circle of life, you know anyway).

Beka is coming to take advantage of our away-edness again. She works just south of where we live so it takes her a fraction of the time to get to work than usual (she lives on the far east end of Scarborough). Glad that she can benefit from us being away, and I get the benefit of a house-sitter. LOVE IT.

Well - I DO have one half-day of work left, so I'd better get to sleep. OH, and I have my staff review tomorrow. Eek!


  1. Fantastic News Kathy!
    So, would it be evil if I started a pot on possible location?

  2. Sorry for ruining your chances for winning some money... Hope you're doing well! Nice to read that you have a love in your life. :-)

  3. Always happy to help!!! Saving money and beating the system is my lifeline.

  4. Thanks Wiser. We had a great time, and a very nice stay at the Crowne Plaza. Although... their pay-for internet service didn't really work. That part sucked. But I got a refund. :-)


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