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Friday, January 19, 2007

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Hi everyone! We're in Ottawa. :-)
We left last night soooo late. Gonzo got out of work late. We still had to pack some last minute stuff. We had to go to the bank and take care of some money stuffs. We got stuck in traffic big time. When we only hit Whitby in about an hour of driving we figured we'd just stop and grab a bite to eat. No point in crawling on the highway when we're hungry and should be fed anyhow. After our gourmet dinner at McDonalds it was go, go, go! Driving conditions were great. No snow. No ice. I drove pretty much 150 km/hr all the way, and got to Ottawa in just under 4 hours. Weeeeee!

Pretty much finished our first day in Ottawa. We just had a low key day: we had Tim Horton's for breakfast (we are in Canada, after all!) that is located in the lowest floor of our hotel. Nice! Then explored our surroundings (again - this time winterstyles), did a little bit of shopping at the Rideau Centre, took a nap, and then had ourselves the most wonderful Spanish dinner at Don Alfonso. I was searching and searching and searching online for a different dinner place. Gonz actually gets sick of Asian food once in a while (it's the best food you can get for the cheapest price!) so Asian food was out of the question. We decided that we'd look to see if we could get some Spanish food and I found several, but the first was way too close to the University of Ottawa so one review complained of too much of that crowd (which is totally fine usually - but we were looking for something quiet). The second most complained that it was just too expensive and wasn't worth the food. I gave up, and went to take a nap, Gonz found our pick for the night in five minutes. Teaches me to leave researching Spanish outings to the Spanish guy. DUH.

So reading my post over, I can't believe how much of it is just about dinner. I think that is probably one of my favourite things about traveling: it's about trying new food/restaurants. Sure, I'm still in Canada, but there is something about traveling that makes me try new places to eat. When I'm home, I eat at the same rotations of restaurants 'cause that's home.

Anyway, Don Alfonso is a nice little quiet place. We found it on which is this awesome little website anytime you're looking into restaurants while in any major city in Canada. It lists restaurants by cuisine, ambience, price range, and other features. VERY USEFUL.

What we ate for dinner :-)
Gonz had steak, and I ordered the Prix Fixe. My order was crazy: Choice of Soup (had Cream of Vegetable), Salad (which I donated to Gonzo), Choice of Entree (had the Tilapia in white wine, capers and lemon), Dessert (Pears St. George), with Coffee or Tea. Gonz chose Flan (Creme Caramel) for dessert. I definitely couldn't turn down that deal. Turned out to be an amazing dinner. Too bad we live way too far from this restaurant.

(click on the above photo to take you to my flickr account to see some photographs of today, and yesterday).

We're just about to run to the theatre to see a movie. Not sure what we're gonna see yet, but just having a nice relaxed time.

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  1. KAthy!
    I knew it, I was going to say Ottawa in my last response, but I didnt want to give it away just in case you wanted your proveacy!
    I knew it as soon as you said Crowne Plaza WHICH! by the way is in Gatineau/Hull and not Ottawa:).
    Anyway,. enjoy your stay, and do something fun and foolish on Parliament Hill. It is your patriotic duty (remind me to tell you about the time when I am my Bible College classmates csmoked cigars on Parliament.. or, I guess I just did..)


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