Happy Birthday Margaret!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Margaret's Birthday, originally uploaded by kathy photo.

Today, the first of the year, is Margaret's birthday. Margaret summoned the Smith family, the Lim family + Lyndsay Mokund and Bex. We ate lots and lots of good food - Asian Legend is so great. Afterwards, we went back to my place and played Mah Jong (well, I watched, in between rolling a ball of yarn, changing my blog template, and watching the Seu Jorge & Ana Carolina DVD again - however, I declare that I will be more in to games this year.)

It's fun to see everyone grow up. Love that Lyndsay is back. A brilliant, beautiful and hilarious girl. We're gonna join the Y together tomorrow. Excellent!

Tomorrow - I am planning on being at work at 8am. Gonna start with that and work on being consistent with that. Last year, I kept trying for 7 am - baby steps, Kathy, baby steps.

Life is good.
I was blessed huge last year -

  • Gonzo got to do a presentation for Easter with awesome friends
  • Resonate's U2 night
  • got to fly to Winnipeg for a day, to run media for Pastor Smith's presentation
  • got to fly to Cape Breton for a weekend to shoot some video
  • got to make a few videos for General Conference
  • got to celebrate my parents 30th wedding anniversary by treating them to a trip to Montreal
  • moved my childhood piano into my home
  • celebrated my second wedding anniversary
  • got to meet some more of Gonzo's family
  • got to have a vacation in Europe
  • got to see my friends Tom and Alice
  • had the opportunity to help lead Resonate
  • visited Wiser in Cali
  • became Beka's friend
  • Juan is healthy again

    I'm sure so much more happened that I am leaving out right now - but I wasn't very good at journal-keeping last year. It was year that I know that I got to learn more about myself - about my strengths, and more importantly, my weaknesses. It hurts sometimes to admit some things to yourself, but you have to if you're gonna look forward.

    On to 2007 - and by 2008, I hope that you are all still with me.


    1. i was hugely blessed this year too by you. kathy, you are awesome and i'm' so glad we're friends. hehe, now i don't have to say "and this is marge's sister kathy" i can say "this is my friend kathy!"

    2. Sounds like you have a great 2006. Hope the New Year bring you great joy and more self-discovering. Never stop growing.

      Miss you lots.

      Happy New Year!

    3. Wow. Found this post today (it was highlighted on your blog?). Good memories...


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