first day at the gym

Friday, January 05, 2007

first day at the gym, originally uploaded by kathy photo.

today, gonzo and i went to the gym for the first time since we signed up for our memberships back on tuesday night. actually, as a couple, this is the first time we've exercised together - of course, i mean, aside from the resonate soccer game, and a couple of times i managed to drag him out for a walk.

so, i've been bugging gonz for many, many, many, many years now, the very important need to exercise. he just hates the idea. he's totally okay with playing sports - just as long it involves some kind of ball to chase, it's not 'exercise'. this year, i just had it. i was tired of feeling more and more out of shape and i put my foot down and said, 'ok, this is really important. we need to get active.' and for once he didn't put up a fight.

he was, however, hestitant.
at dinner, we even prayed that he wouldn't get hurt at the gym.

i thought perhaps it was because he is chubby and thought of him being surrounded by uber-macho guys just appalled him. at least that was what i thought it was. no. of course not - with gonz nothing is thaaaaaat simple. he has this mental correlation that gyms are on the same level as night clubs. he'd feel as uncomfortable at a nightclub as he would at the gym. it's too narcissistic for his appetite. OI.

MEANWHILE... i take him out to Winners to buy some shorts to work out in on Thursday night, and I direct him to the athletic wear section while i stand in the customer service line for 20 minutes to return our niece Elizabeth's too-small plush jumper. i finally get everything taken care of, and he's got a full outfit picked out: adidas dry-fit-type maroon soccer shorts with matching maroon top. i am like...

"it's for when i play indoor soccer..." (with the guys at church).
"You are gonna look retarded. You'll look too serious about it."
"No, I'm gonna goooooooood."

Needless to say, I didn't let him purchase "the outfit".

So tonight was the first try at the gym. I told him, okay, what we're gonna do is we're gonna start off warming up on the treadmill for 10 minutes, and then you'll go on the bike for 20 minutes. We'll stretch after that, and we're done. Let's go easy the first time we're back in some serious activity! I gave him my mp3 player, and off we went. I hate the bikes, but i he wanted me to go with him so i went too on the bikes. we set up ourselves on the random hill program and did our twenty minutes.

i'm watching gonz intermittenly and he's looking a little upset. and a little blank. i'm not sure how he's feeling about it. he's funny sometimes - i can't tell what he's thinking.

there were too many people in the stretching room, so i told him we'd stretch when we got home, which we did. what surprised me was all the way home in the car, he's talking about how THAT WAS FUN.


it totally went better than i thought. i am on cloud nine.


  1. Anonymous6/1/07 00:42

    i LOVE your new profile pic. and profile. i glad gonzo had fun. if i could tell people anything about going to the gym is that you don't go to lose weight. i HATE that thought. you go to be active. if you can be active daily without a gym, brilliant. but some people like a formula. a gym is like a formula. just think its a personalized way to be active. listening to your own music helps. go team ;)

  2. hehe, i'm so happy for you kathy! you sound so proud and excited. love it. that pic is AWESOME.


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