The end of the trip

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We went to Montreal for the day on Sunday. What sucked was that we woke up late, and then didn't get there until something like 2pm, spent most of our time looking for a place to eat lunch, and then shopped on Ste. Catherine for like an hour until everything shut down. We had a fantastic dinner at St. Paul Steak et Frites, where we had an amazing steak and fries (duh), with great bread and salad to start. After that, we went home. Wasn't super-eventful, but always nice to get to Montreal. It was only an hour and half away so we couldn't pass it up.

Monday was cool - just walked around Byward Market looking for something for our parents, and explored outside of downtown Ottawa a bit. What was a big surprise was dinner. We went to Lone Star Texas Grill which is just this chain of restaurants that seems like a Kelseys with a Texan bent. The first one we tried to eat at was down by Byward Market, but the wait was more than a half hour. Gonz had spotted another one out by where we were 'exploring' so we went to eat there. The wait was also a half hour, but what were we gonna do then? But it was good thing that we waited because we had the best fajitas that I can even remember. What made them so good was that their tortilla shell is home made (by a weird machine, but still...). They were kind of like some roti I've had. SO good. We had an awesome server too. Now, I definitely want to find another one around here, if there are any.

Oh, and yesterday (that would be Tuesday), we checked out of our hotel at around 10:30, grabbed breakfast and headed home. We were very pleased that we left early 'cause we started having to drive on and off snowstorms which were leaving the highway unnavigateable (is that a word, dave?). Gonzo was driving at this point, and that is good 'cause he's a much more careful driver than me. What undid our happiness was, however, a truck that jack-knifed perhaps about 500 metres in front of us that blocked all lanes of the 401 (out past Cobourg East). We weren't standing there for more than 5 minutes when I told Gonzo to shut the car off to save gas. Good thing too, 'cause we were on the highway, parked there for more than 2 and half hours. BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTAL. We could have been home at something like 3. We didn't get home until after 7 (after some errands/grocery shopping, etc.)

It was a nice time away. A bit disorganized, but Gonz said he was a bit happy about it. He said that when we vacation I tend to have stuff planned for everyday which makes it a bit tiring (I didn't realize this!). Anyhow, it was good. Had a chance to do some thinking, some planning ... all in my brain. I want to be a little less passive in life - instead of letting life make me just eat, sleep, play and work. There is something about causing change in my own life, my family's, in others... But it requires so much intention, and purpose. When you're zooming through life, just being busy all the time, the intention is overlooked, and all those things you thought you'd like to help with... the opportunities grow stale. For instance, I've been wanting to support a child (i.e., with WorldVision, Childcare Plus, etc.) for a while - since I got married. Two years have passed me by and I still haven't done anything about it. Stuff like that. It's time to get on it.

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