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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Because Kaylee's blog made me laugh so hard, I'm posting my comment here. I know that she'll find it anyway. :-)

Yes, dear Kaylee, I have been quite sick over the last couple of days. I actually had food poisoning. But let's not talk about this too much at church because someone there brought me some lunch and therefore rendered me useless Tuesday to Wednesday night. Which, also, allows me to make a new announcement:

It's been so long, I honestly forgot what it felt like. It was shocking. It was scary. It was like two hands wringing out my stomach causing everything to shoot out of my mouth in a solid (though liquid) tube. [ insert gag by Christine here ] Oh, and something else I didn't remember either is the way your saliva tastes in your mouth just before you barf. It's like a warning signal: pull your hair back woman, 'cause it's not gonna be pretty.

Anyhow, I'm much better now. What makes you knowing that I was sick so funny too is that I never told you - you found out through facebook. Do we really need to see each other anymore since we can catch up on each other's lives simply through notes left all over the internet? ...OH DEFINITELY, we still defintely do...

...that way we talk about all that we found out about each other by leaving notes all over the internet. ;-)

Okay, your story about the Amanda-Becca mix up was absolutely hilarious too. What the heck? You get mistaken for someone and then you mistake them right back? (amazing: i just used 'mistake' as a verb). Another reason why we should still get together: while that story was great in the blog, I'm sure, somehow, you would have made that story twice as hilarious in person. You good story teller, you.

Again, would love to help you jazz up your blog. Hmmm... OH! send me like two photographs that you'd like to use for your blog, and I'll try to come up with something wikked-awesome.

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  1. Anonymous11/1/07 20:44

    okay i so TOTALLY know that feeling: when your saliva starts salivating excessively you keep spitting it out or building it up in your mouth cause you know if you swallow you'll spew. Totally how I felt when Ben and I took a 4 hour bus (coach) ride from Bangkok to Khao Yai after I ate street-pineapple. yes, i had fruit from a street vendor. normally okay. not that morning. from like the 1st 20 min in and the rest of the 4 hours i held back my vomit. i couldn't swallow much or talk, not even to Ben. Well i did look at him desperately to get me a bag but he kinda looked back clueless. i wanted to die. so we sat in silence the whole ride. i got up once cuase it was coming but as i walked up and down the aisle of the bus i felt better. an american 2 rows ahead took some serious pity and offered me his snuff-stuff. which totally worked for like 20 min. and then it worsened. just as the bus pulled into our stop the saliva was just building rapidly in my mouth, turning, almost like a water-fall. i was like, NOOOOOOOO. i totally spewed in my mouth. (sorry Christine). i held it in and ran off the bus. WORST. i still can't eat a lot of pineapple.
    glad your feeling better.


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